I ate so much at the Minnesota State Fair yesterday that the thought of blogging about it made me feel nauseous. It was pretty amazing though. Most notably, I have a new found appreciation for food on a stick. No, I’m serious. The best things I had were foods on a stick: walleye on a stick, a fudge puppy (a waffle on a stick dipped in fudge covered in whipped cream and “crunchies”), and spuds on a stick (fried balls of mashed potatoes on a stick). A more detailed account and photos here.

Today however, Ryan and I went to St. Paul–to go Snoopy hunting! =)

Here’s Ryan with the map of all the Snoopy’s.

For the Seattlites, think Pigs on Parade. There are 103 of these done up Snoopy guys throughout the Twin Cities. We found thirty-eight today and about a dozen or more yesterday, haha. Here’s a few:

Hehe, so that was fun. After that we visited the state capitol. This was probably my favorite part of the day, the inside was pretty impressive.



Afterward we visited Cathedral of Saint Paul. Holy crap, it’s so freakin’ big. There’s my assessment, ha. Then we returned to the Prins residence. And to yesterday’s bucket of chocolate chip cookies.

    • Anonymous
    • August 28th, 2004 4:54pm

    I LOVE food on a stick. You have no idea how much I enjoy it. That potatoey one sounds delicious. Things just tast better when they’re on sticks. –Marjorie

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