I was walking toward ferry terminal at Pier 52 and suddenly I was handed a bottled water. “Free bottled water from AOL Broadband!” says a girl sporting a red AOL polo and a Disneyland-like disposition. I gladly take it only to look up at another girl cheerily shouting from an espresso stand, “Free lattes from AOL Broadband!” I was already enjoying a taro bubble tea (today’s sunny weather insisted, really) but that didn’t stop me from being impressed at the gesture. But then came the kicker, on my way to the ticket booth a man, wearing the now-signature red AOL polo shirt stopped me, handed me a pass shaped as the little AOL-man, and said, “AOL Broadband is paying for your ferry ticket today! Enjoy!”


This is all happened in a span of like 90 seconds. So for once, I can ironically say that AOL helped me today. Shoot, saved me six bucks for the ferry ticket. Sure beats the onslaught of coasters they usually send out.

  1. hey jamie- Beth… wow, that is way super cool! sounds like AOL is a little desperate for seattle peoples… coffee? ferry?

    i usually try to use the cds as frisbees but they never ever fly and actually kind of hurt- coasters that can be used as weapons. interesting.

    • Anonymous
    • September 1st, 2004 8:31am

    AOL WHORE… hahaha jk

    wow, i wonder if they get tax-cuts from so much advertising with free merchandise

    ill love to have an AOL spokesman offer me free stuff… i kinda need money for car insurance, you think Geico will hire AOL PR guys anytime soon?

    btw… waht did u mean about wasting my vote on my Xanga? you think i should vote democrat because of electability?


    • Angie
    • September 1st, 2004 11:43am

    how cool is that, Jamie?!

    • Anonymous
    • September 3rd, 2004 5:17am

    Yea those AOL cats can be aggressive sometimes. Im sure if you haggled it out you could have got one of those nifty red polo’s. =D

    Just be like, “I want aol, but i cant until i get that sexy polo of yours.”


  2. Yeah, but then that would sound like I was coming on to him/her, haha. That’s alright though, red’s not my color, har har har.

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