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I’m done with summer school! I walked out of my econ final today smiling. On the way to work realized I was humming zippity do dah. I can easily say that it was probably the best econ exam I’ve taken. You want a policy mix that’ll lower an economy’s output but maintain target interest rates? Cake.

My daily routine shouldn’t be too different though, it was only one class. But it’ll just be nice to not have assignments or required reading for a good month. Now I can dilly dally guilt-free, the possibilities are endless! Perfect timing since David and Tho just introduced me to Naruto a couple days ago, haha.


Today Kathryn picked up me, Ryan, and Anthony and we went out to Alki for Happy Hour at Bamboo Grill. Realized I hadn’t been to Alki in years (yes, years). Needless to say, it was pretty dang gorgeous out. What can I say, I heart the color blue.

Here’s Anths and Ryan walking along the water.

Haha, look what they picked up.

me and Ryan

More pics at Ryan’s blog. Yeah, we’re such a cool couple. Come straight home to blog this ish, haha.


What to do, what to do…