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First day of classes and I feel like a stretched out walking mood swing without a purpose. Wow that was a fun sentence to write. To start from the beginning I stayed up late reading Sammy’s Hill. It’s fiction and it’s funny. Very Bridget Jones’ Diary’esque but more spastic, if possible. Eighty pages later I paid heed to my increasingly dizzy head and went to bed.

The next morning when heading to Securities I misjudged the walking time from bus to class and showed up in the right building, passing by the classroom I was supposed to be in not just once, but twice because I couldn’t read the numbers on the doors or see my classmates inside. Note to self: Wear glasses when walking.

Securities looks interesting. “Social engineering” and “rummage through trash bins at 3am” certainly draw one’s attention. INFO 370 is looking like a hardcore research class, which might be pretty cool. I enjoy reading, writing, and looking up crap. But it’s really too early to call.

During the three-hour break between classes, I went out with the Info crew to the bookstore to buy our Securities book and we had brunch at IHOP. Hello table of ten. That was pretty awesome to hang out, welcome Rufino back from the PI, and eat “French pancakes”. Somewhere in between I had a bitter cup of chai somewhere on the Ave., thereby reaffirming my affinity for Starbucks and their consistency. Or maybe I’m just intolerably picky.

Now I’m at work…where I have been for the last five hours. Started off the shift with e-mails and organizing course syllabuses. Proceeded to reading the first twelve pages of an article titled, “A Longitudinal Investigation of Personal Computers in Homes: Adoption Determinants and Emerging Challenges”. Needless to say it was dry. I hate reading these info studies because you really have to sift through the verbiage to get the actual jist or meaning of the write-up. Conversely, I like reading this stuff because of all the fluff, it makes a long reading assignment not so long if you read the right things.

Then it was an hour of messing with JavaScript to get a picture page the way I wanted. Followed by another hour of Sammy’s Hill. Between all this it was helping users. It has been so ridiculously busy at the lab today. It could perhaps just be the complete contrast with school back in session from the placidity of Interim, but for once, much of my time was spent helping people. Which I suppose is good, it being my job and all.

And now it’s thirty minutes to close and I can’t help but think how cold, quiet, and lonely it is here. My reading list is hardly dented and I’m already beginning to worry. I’ve also been on campus for twelve hours now and the two cups of coffee from this morning wore off quite a bit ago leaving my head spinning. Up ahead: two more classes tomorrow to check out. This time I will sleep at a reasonable hour tonight. Maybe see some boy?

And I’m off.


Ryan and I saw Norah Jones in concert tonight!

It isnt your sweet conversation
That brings this sensation, oh no
Its just the nearness of you

Heard Amos Lee (the opening) for the first time as well, really liked his voice. I’ve decided these are the kind of concerts I like. Everything was so pretty and chillax’in (yes, I used that word). It was really nice. So thanks again, Ryan Prins. =)

And now to the first day of school tomorrow. Or rather, more notably, the first day of my senior year in college. It’ll be weird to be back, it seems like that last INFO 340 final was so long ago. I’m looking forward to seeing the INFO crew again though. It’ll be good to see everyone in the same place again, roaming the halls of MGH.

Jamie’s Fall 2004 Schedule (19 credits)

  • INFO 370 Assessment and Evaluation Techniques
  • INFO 440 Information System Design
  • INFO 498 Information Systems Security
  • ECON 431 Government and Business

I’m looking forward to these classes. *Pauses, knocks on wood*
Wish me luck!


Chronicles of the Microlab!

[ Episode 2 ]

An Asian woman walks up to me asking for the phone number for Hall Health. This is all fine and well. However, then she proceeds to describe to me her symptoms, length of ailment, and previous medications and asks what medicine she should be on. After explaining to her that I can’t really help her (as I work in the COMPUTER LAB), I tell her to call and make an appointment. Instead, the consultation session continues…

“Do I take a syrup or a pill?”
“So it’s been two weeks now. What could it possibly be?”
“It’s been burning now. What should I do?”

She kept pausing and then would continue to describe her illness to me as if I were to give a diagnosis–no, not the friendly chit chat (if you can even call it that) of just mentioning what was ailing her. No, this was sheer, “I’m going to tell you explicit details of my sickness as if you were my primary care physician.” Next thing you know she’s asking about the benefits of certain drugs over the other and I’m suddenly her medical advisor. I don’t answer any of these questions and keep insisting she just call Hall Health and make an appointment. Finally she leaves but returns to mention her insurance doesn’t cover charges and goes on to say, “See? It’s right here in my throat. It just hurts. It’s almost a burning feeling now. I’ve tried such and such medications. What medication do I try next?”

I look around to make sure I truly am at the computer lab help desk. Oh look, I am.


I passed all five stages of my Tai Tzu testing today!

I started the day off groggy and irate at the thought of yet another commute across the Puget Sound to my kung fu studio. I’ve been commuting for three years now and I have felt the negative effects of it especially as of late. Thinking of the hours that would be spent today in my car so I could go to a martial arts form test where I would be ripped apart, a cycle of pessimism ate at me. I arrived at my school and clamored up the stairwell thinking only of getting in uniform before the time struck ten, wishing my nerves would cease their increasing tempo-’ed tango.

However, once the testing began, it started to get exciting. I had passed the first two stages of testing (form by form and smooth version) with minor corrections and a compliment. The next three stages flew by. “This is how you should’ve performed for tournament” my Sifu said to me as I greeted out of stage four. I haven’t felt more comfortable with a form. I laughed at myself because practice truly does pay off. I fixed my rooster stance and bettered my front toe kick, strengthed my hand forms and was careful to not fly through transitionary stances. Me and the three black belts there greeted out at the conlcusion, leaving me with the all-familiar kung fu high. It was a vivid reminder for me of how it seems I can’t ever get enough kung fu. I can’t remember the last time I felt that level of personal accomplishment. The two hours there flew by and I was happy, a complete reversal from that morning.

Then it was back on the ferry, out on the water, sunshine, cool air, and Naruto episdoes #37-38.


Yesterday |

fun-filled six hours at work | eNewsletter work | chatting w/Myk online | a cancelled meeting | much-needed nap (thanks babe!) | MGH w/Ryan and David to welcome to the last batch of the new Informatics cohort | Pho with Ryan, David, and Teresa | TV at Ryan’s

Smallville Season Premiere |

Okay so I stopped watching during Winter Quarter but due to Anthony’s insistence, I’ve decided to try start watching again. The first episode, utterly confusing. Black krptonite? Egypt? Lana’s “I found myself naked and sweaty in bed” scene? Wasn’t too happy that they decided to introduce Lois Lane into the storyline either. At least I like her character thus far–skitzo. In any case, it was cool to see Clark fly (why does he only wear collared shirts when he’s evil?) and Lois is funny. As retarded as this show can be at times, it’s shamefully entertaining. So I’ll give this season a shot despite last night’s premiere. Besides, I dig Lex Luther, haha. But most of you knew that.


This is normally something I’d e-mail Ryan but I figured I’d spare him the Jamie-spam. And now to the Chronicles of the Microlab!

[ Episode 1 ]

New quote!

Woman walks up to desk. “So, I left a piece of paper with all my passwords written on it by one of the computers last night. Did you guys throw it away?”