Chronicles of the Microlab!

[ Episode 2 ]

An Asian woman walks up to me asking for the phone number for Hall Health. This is all fine and well. However, then she proceeds to describe to me her symptoms, length of ailment, and previous medications and asks what medicine she should be on. After explaining to her that I can’t really help her (as I work in the COMPUTER LAB), I tell her to call and make an appointment. Instead, the consultation session continues…

“Do I take a syrup or a pill?”
“So it’s been two weeks now. What could it possibly be?”
“It’s been burning now. What should I do?”

She kept pausing and then would continue to describe her illness to me as if I were to give a diagnosis–no, not the friendly chit chat (if you can even call it that) of just mentioning what was ailing her. No, this was sheer, “I’m going to tell you explicit details of my sickness as if you were my primary care physician.” Next thing you know she’s asking about the benefits of certain drugs over the other and I’m suddenly her medical advisor. I don’t answer any of these questions and keep insisting she just call Hall Health and make an appointment. Finally she leaves but returns to mention her insurance doesn’t cover charges and goes on to say, “See? It’s right here in my throat. It just hurts. It’s almost a burning feeling now. I’ve tried such and such medications. What medication do I try next?”

I look around to make sure I truly am at the computer lab help desk. Oh look, I am.

    • Don
    • September 28th, 2004 2:49pm

    Hahaha that’s pretty funny. Did she actually get the Hall Health number from you? Oh yeah, and congrats on passing your Tai Tzu testing.

    • Anonymous
    • September 28th, 2004 5:19pm

    I love the Chronicles of the Microlab!!! It’s like the chronicles of Narnia, except with less mystical creatures and far more cluless people. I also enjoy the Kung-Fu stories. Keep posting those


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