Ryan and I saw Norah Jones in concert tonight!

It isnt your sweet conversation
That brings this sensation, oh no
Its just the nearness of you

Heard Amos Lee (the opening) for the first time as well, really liked his voice. I’ve decided these are the kind of concerts I like. Everything was so pretty and chillax’in (yes, I used that word). It was really nice. So thanks again, Ryan Prins. =)

And now to the first day of school tomorrow. Or rather, more notably, the first day of my senior year in college. It’ll be weird to be back, it seems like that last INFO 340 final was so long ago. I’m looking forward to seeing the INFO crew again though. It’ll be good to see everyone in the same place again, roaming the halls of MGH.

Jamie’s Fall 2004 Schedule (19 credits)

  • INFO 370 Assessment and Evaluation Techniques
  • INFO 440 Information System Design
  • INFO 498 Information Systems Security
  • ECON 431 Government and Business

I’m looking forward to these classes. *Pauses, knocks on wood*
Wish me luck!

    • Anonymous
    • September 29th, 2004 5:00pm

    You are one brave, brave, brave girl. Take care of yourself.


    • Jamie
    • September 29th, 2004 5:16pm

    Haha, well that’s encouraging.. Er, thanks Nikki. :)

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