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So after much crappiness from the weekend (i.e. parents’ car accident, cancellation of Mt.Ranier trip, hours of delay in moving furniture, and a half dozen related mishaps), the weekend turned for the better. Sunday afternoon was a trip to Golden Gardens with Ryan, Anthony, and Jules. Nothing like some time at a cool Washington beach with a sweatshirt and playing in the sand. Here are a few pictures from my camera:

Glittery water!
This is my favorite shot. Hooray for glittery water.

Ryan, Anthony, and Jules
Anthony, Ryan, and Jules

Me and Jules' turtle
Jules and I made a turtle! Reminded us of the snow day, where I can only make dome-shaped structures (i.e. last year’s snow kingdome).

Golden Gardens
Another pretty water shot.

Anthony strikes a pose, haha.

Anthony, me, and Ryan
Anthony, me, and Ryan, aaar!

Oh, and it was Talk Like a Pirate Day yesterday. I hope you all took advantage of that.


finally the day has come
when my homie david turns twenty-one!



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Hey, I had to try it. :)


I tied my bandana around my hair, pulled my hood up and looked at my watch, noting the bus was late by ten minutes as it pulled up. Not worried, I boarded and rode downtown and into Friday afternoon traffic. We hit every traffic light, was delayed by an ambulance, and then later by an elderly woman who wouldn’t load the bus but instead stood in the doorway making chit chat until the bus driver yelled, “Get in!” And last but not least, there was construction going down Madison. Once we hit the pier, I ran up the terminal ramp to get to the ferry entrance at 4:21PM. My boat had left and it started to rain. My head felt light from the lack of sleep so I sat on the floor against a wall, and eleven phone calls later I was able to get ahold of my mom to tell her that I missed the ferry and that they would have to have to wait an hour and a half longer to pick me up. Dangit. So that’s frustrating.

And now? Ordered jasmine green tea at Downtown Cups and using free wi-fi. Awaiting Dean (on skates) to drop by and say hello while I wait for the next boat. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. I mean honestly, any one of the events mentioned above alone would’ve been enough. Laughed at the ridiculousness of it by the time I got to the terminal. Not laughing so much now of course. Aar.


This whole every other day open the lab at 7:30am and sleep-in schedule of mine isn’t doing so well. My pseudo-insomnia is back in effect. I’m just head-hurts-eyes-sting-mind-is-moving-slow-motion-type of tired. Not to mention I keep mispelling words as I type this.

Last night was Hello Kitty Uno with the IUGA officers after our meeting at my place. So freakin’ awesome, my face hurt from laughing so hard. This was the first time I played with this reprehensibly cute pastel-colored deck of “petals”. That’s right, not cards, in Hello Kitty Uno they are referred to as petals. The best is the exclusive “Love Me Not” card. Nothing like seeing the guys around the table saying phrases like “Love me, pink!” Unfortunately, Anthony won, repeatedly. That’s all I have to say about that.


Haven’t done one of these in a while: Weekend Review! 9/10-9/12

Friday was an exciting day of work from 7:30am-3:00pm, took some photos for the eNewsletter, and then went to the IMA where I had a pretty good work out and didn’t slack despite my initial temptation to leave early. A ferry ride and two episodes of Naruto later I was home shoving my face with my mom’s cooking and then crashed.

Saturday morning was kung fu practice and Tai Tzu testing. Learned I have my work cut out for me to pass this class so that was pretty disappointing. Came home to have lunch with parents and brother (crab/bacon-stuffed shrimp, pancit, and rice). Mm–am now realizing I left an english muffin in my microwave on my way to work this morning, argh.

Ran into Joe Wockenfuss on the ferry and had the now annual “How’s life?” talk with him (and his new girlfriend). Later that night it was dinner at Big Time with Ryan, saying hello to Juliana, making twix brownies, and watching the CNN and MSNBC 9/11 specials. This was followed by watching the Pianist. God, it was depressing. Hard to imagine such malignity of mankind endured, such utter and complete wretchedness. Ninety minutes into it I felt drained and sick. I could hardly stand it. Needless to say, I don’t enjoy watching movies like this. It was a somber evening.

Sunday was bumming around with Ryan as he watched football. The rest of the afternoon was Northgate, dinner at Tokyo Garden, and church with Ryan and Anthony. Got back in time to watch the History Channel War of 1812 documentary (am such nerd).

Now starts another week of Interim…