Okay to counter ECON 431-anxieties, I just wanna say information architecture is rad, haha. I really enjoy the assigned articles for INFO 440. And this last reading we had left me kinda excited because…er, because I dig organizing information and simply reading about it as a discipline makes me smile. Oh em gee, am I really writing this? So yeah, thought I’d leave tonight’s blog on an academic positive note, like this info-stuff I really enjoy.

As of now, just cooked dinner (yakisoba!), cleaned dishes, and am now doing random things off this ever daunting to do list I’ve got, to the sounds of Baz Lurhman’s Romeo + Juliet. Such beatiful beautiful words. As for tomorrow, will not think any more about Econ studying, was beginning to experience diminishing marginal returns.

So my days are long (10-12 hrs on campus daily) and it kinda sucks not having a roommate to come home to (hi Jules!). What is most bothersome is that I can’t stand to look directly at my to do list because it is downright blinding. But it’s okay. I’m filled with good food, my exam isn’t until 10:30AM, and I have Shakespeare’s brilliance on DVD.

    • Anonymous
    • October 21st, 2004 12:21am

    Dude, America Is In The Heart is a super good book. There’s so much sad stuff…but it really shows what life was like for Philippine immigrants in the early 20th century. The background of Philippine-American relations is so f***-ed up, wow. But yeah, it’s so worth reading. Let me know if you wanna borrow it… -Teresa

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