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Damnit, damnit, damnit. I based my selection of this quarter’s econ course on this prof’s supposed high evaluation scores. What on earth was I looking at then?

No wonder I’m constantly gripped with that “holding onto a cliff by your fingertips”-type feeling twice a week for two hours.

Have ECON 431 exam tomorrow. Successive price searching problem pwns me.


This is so neat.


I miss my iBook.


Pumpkin cookies are all sorts of wonderful.


Sometimes I think I blog just because it makes Jules happy.

On Wednesday night Jules and I went to the Emigrant for Taylor’s 21-Run. Good times! It was a nice night. Even ran into some old friends from Terry when leaving. Funny who you’ll run into on Wednesday night at 1am on the Ave.

Cement Mixer Explained
Here’s Will explaining to Taylor what a cement-mixer is (shot of Bailey’s held in mouth, followed by shot of lime juice, swish, curdle, swallow). Needless to say, pretty gross. Thank you, Will.

Thursday night after lab, went out with Ryan, Tho, Anthony, Trevor, and Rufino to B.O.B. for bento (swear they have the best beef teriyaki on the Ave.). Then we went up to the Irish Emigrant (yes, again) to meet up with Kathryn and Kevin. It was a pretty awesome way to end the week since we all don’t have classes on Friday this quarter. Spent a couple hours there just hanging out. Definitely to be repeated.

Friday night after work was Thai food with Jules. Good stuff. Especially liked the fried roll filled with rice noodles, baby corn, and duck. Spent rest of the evening with Ryan watching Lilo and Stitch (!).

On Saturday after much errand running I picked up my parents from the airport and had dinner with the fam in U-Village. Later that night Jules and I went out to Casey, Cynthia, Katie, and Angie’s Housewarming.

Casey, Katie, Angie, Cynthia

It was fun to be able to dress up/see friends dressed up. I think I ate more than everyone there combined. I certainly owned the quiche plate. Oh well. Anyway, the party was nice.

the food table

Jamie and Jules!
me and Jules (hooray roommate picture!)

Around midnight I left there and joined up with Ryan, Anthony, Rufino, and Trevor at a party in Sandpoint (thank you Katie!!). All in all it was good night out.

Sunday was goofing off with Ryan Prins (a definite requisite of Sundays I believe), hanging out at Pike Place Market, and then church with Kathryn where I read for the first time in what seems forever. It was a good mass. Place was packed, standing room only.

And now for homework.


I took the bus downtown and spent the afternoon dilly dallying in the market today. The weather was perfect, just crisp cool and sunny skies. Today’s market purchaes: a caramel apple cider, two dahlias, a tomato, some green onions, a plum, a pound of mussels, and an applly thingamajiggy I bought for Ryan. Now for munching and then off to church.