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Nothing like accidently sending an e-mail to the class mailing list when you meant to send it to your boyfriend…Yes! I’m awesome!


So it’s been weird adjusting to being in school again, but I like the change in pace. Yesterday after lab Tho and Anthony came over to my place and we made dinner. We made (er warmed) clam chowder, rice, stir fried beef and onions and canned corn. I enjoy the utter randomness that often occurs when I cook…with Tho. And how we always manage to involve eggs or rice with any dish ;). It sure beats last time’s attempt of yakisoba-soup at David’s, a.k.a. Mush-Mush. I’m hungry right now, so maybe that’s why I’m reflecting on this.

Now I’m at work til 9PM (hence the random blogging). Currently e-mailing C&C about web space for the eNewsletter; reading articles on the effect of monopolies and cartels on market prices, predatory pricing, and the psychopathology of everyday things; thinking of my stomach, bed, and the galling truth of cliches; wondering if I really can get everything done.

In other random news I played Tribes for the first time today between classes with the Info guys. I think my purpose playing was so that everyone could increase their kill count. Oh well, I’m just that terrible. Anthony said we can drive around in a car in the game next time! At which point he’ll probably just frag me. But alas, I’ll probably try again; I can’t turn down a virtual car ride with an electron flux gun…or something.


Friday was different than my usual routine in that it didn’t involved kung fu or mi mom’s cooking. Instead, after work I went out to an IUGA dinner at Red Robin and satisfied my ever-present longing for their honey-mustard sauce. Afterward, we went out and checked out Terry Hall’s new 1101, which is ridiculously lavish, with a “trendy bubble-tea joint on crack”-type atmosphere. Hard to imagine good ol’ Terry Cafe. The rest of the evening was then spent with Ryan and Anthony, visiting the Apple store, hanging out at Barnes and Noble, and then driving around the city for an hour and a half just talking. Later that night I met up with Jules and we went out to the District on 45th where I had a little too much to drink. That aside, the place was real nice inside and very chill. Quite the contrast from the rowdiness of the Ave. bars from the influx of returning students on the first weekend back. Will have to go there again, good place to just chill, drink, and talk.

On Saturday, after watching some Naruto, I met up with Anthony in the TE lab and did some work. Later that night it was out with Will, Paul, Taylor, and April J. at Zeek’s pizza in Belltown to visit Pril who was working. Such good pizza. Especially the Thai one. So it was cool to get out and hang out with dem folks.

On Sunday, Ryan and I went out to Mom’s U-Village and went grocery shopping. The rest of the afternoon was getting the condo together. Last night Jules and I invited over some friends for Mexican food and some Hello Kitty Uno. It was a good way to end the weekend. The entire evening, senior year nostalgia was tugging at me, reminding me how we all used to be floormates two-three years ago in the dorms. Time flies. It was good times. Here’s our stellar group pic.

And the quicktime movie of last night’s photos (har har, me and Jules decided on the music). Case even baked two (count em!) pies for us. Oh and she also brought over some bread (so we’ll never be hungry), some salt (so that we’ll have spice in our lives), and wine (so that we may have joy). Sigh. That Case is so clever. You get doble mentions! And that concludes Jamie’s weekend review.