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I’m writing this in bed!

Halfway through my shift at work today, I suddenly felt like I got twapped on the head with a cold bug. In bed now, drinking water and popping Dayquil. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten sick, am just thankful I got through most of the holidays not feeling like this.

Christmas was merry. We had the traditional family party at my parents’ house. The food was amazing. I ate more than I did on Thanksgiving. Couldn’t stop eating my Tita Linda’s kare kare (peanut ox tail stew) and bagoong (shrimp paste), my cousin’s paella, my Mom’s coleslaw salad, and rice. Photos from the party are online here.

The coolest presents I received had to be the pillow from my brother, the snowmen blanket from Ernelyn, and the s’more maker (hehe) from my aunt. It was good times eating, singing, playing the brutal gift exchange game, opening presents, and lounging around with cousins.

After everyone had left, around midnight I watched The Day After Tomorrow with my brother and my cousin Jessica. It was a fun movie to watch, especially because it had a lot of room for banter, notably the wolves on the Russian naval ship, heheh. Read more

If I weren’t so sleepy, I’d be jumping


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out JULY 16.

Was so expecting this to take a couple years longer… At work right now. Cannot wait til boss gets here to tell him the good news, lol. Ugh, am such a Harry Potter fanatic.

Nativity de la Marshmallow

Look what Ryan and I did tonight!

Hard at Work

The result… Read more

A Very INFO Christmas

Guys @ Table

Ryan cutting ham

Line to Table

Ryan cutting ham

Ryan’s Photo Gallery

Winter Break ’04 – Week 1

Eight days til Christmas, December is truly flying by. Looking back at last week’s events, it seems as if all my memories have been stored in my mind framed with colored Christmas lights. Am definitely in holiday spirits.

[DAY UNO] First kung fu practice in over a month, followed by putting up Christmas lights with my Dad in our frontyard (including moving reindeer). Later, an awesome dinner at Daniel’s Broiler with Ryan’s dad, Ryan, and Anthony followed by Candy Cane Lane and Seattle skyline searching in Queen Anne.

Old Country Buffet with Tho, Ryan, Anthony, David, and Trevor. Was delighted at thought of buffet with friends. Followed by Ocean’s 12 at Alderwood. David was right, it is a pretty sweet theater. The movie? Weak plot but the witty humor let me enjoy it nonetheless.

[DAY TRES] Meeting with Capstone client followed by Christmas shopping downtown with Ryan! I love Christmas shopping downtown, it was fun to have Ryan with me. This was followed by an IUGA meeting about fiscal policy over Thai food with Trevor and David. Later that night, went out to the Rainbow to see Irene’s band perform. My proximity to the venue left me little excuse. Cool to finally see her and Chrysti rock out.

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Hey Something Looks Different

What are Jamie’s big goals for Winter break?

** Post Winter break edit! **

  1. Finish a book
  2. Finished Dreams from My Father, by Barack Obama today. Review coming soon. Beautiful book.

  3. Work out 3-4x a week
  4. Yeah, so not really. Week 1 – Yes. Week 2 – No. Holidays :D. Week 3 – Got sick :/.

  5. Winter edition of eNewsletter
  6. Kinda. Well. Yeah, the stylesheet.

  7. Capstone game plan
  8. Actually got a lot of information and had three meetings with our client and the basics decided. Hopefully tomorrow’s class will be more enlightening.

  9. New design for blog
  10. Nay.

  11. Watch Harry Potter 3 on DVD
  12. Yup! Last night with Ryan and Anthony while we played Monopoly!

  13. Finish last school year’s photo album
  14. Done. So many pictures.

Today at work, figured I’d tackle #5 because it’s the one I’ve been the most excited about. However, no dice. I am feeling so uninspired right now. Aaron recommended I play with this Kubrick template. Which I did.

Try 1

After an hour of that, realized I didn’t like it and went back to this default you see now. Currently flustered at complete lack of progress.