If I weren’t so sleepy, I’d be jumping


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out JULY 16.

Was so expecting this to take a couple years longer… At work right now. Cannot wait til boss gets here to tell him the good news, lol. Ugh, am such a Harry Potter fanatic.

    • Andrew Lee
    • December 24th, 2004 1:12pm

    whoa… that’s soo on my list to buy also…

  1. SWEET!!

    I was *just* talking to someone about the books the other day and wondering when the new one would come out.

    I’m excited. :-)

  2. u know…most things that are rushed aren’t that great of quality.

    “crushing your hopes and dreams now before they get to high later”

  3. I wouldn’t call a 2-year wait a rush ;)

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