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Currently Coveting Inflatable Snowman

There are so many inflatable snowmen along the streets of Port Orchard!

A conversation between my Dad and I before putting up the Christmas lights:

“Dad, we should really get a giant inflatable snowman for the frontyard.”
“An inflatable snowman? They’re so big! And it’s kinda tacky.”
“Aw, c’mon!”
“Nah, I think I’ll get the giant teddy bear from Costco instead. He looks fuzzy when you light him up.”

i <3 mi padre, hehe.


Last night in MGH 420, at 4:30PM the iSchool’s 4th cohort of Informatics students met for the last time all together in class. Afterward they went out for Red Robin, sat at a table for eighteen, gave a birthday cake to certain Tho To, and then sang their hearts out in Seattle’s Chinatown. Oh em gee wow, what a time!

Derek, DT, Rufino (the organizer), and Susan
Derek, DT, Rufino, and Susan @ Red Robin

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ECON 431 Final

So a funny thing happens on test days in ECON 431. Minutes before the exam is handed out, I’m sitting in class looking over my classmates’ shoulders noticing the amount of detail carefully jotted on their notesheets noting the inadequacy of my own. I sit and I listen as two guys in the row behind me discuss the ramfications of practice question number-something-or-other about some market model that sounds like something I should know. I abosrb all the economic-jabber around me and honestly think to myself: I have no idea what anyone is talking about.

Then the exam gets handed out, the class falls silent, and I move to the last question starting things backward. Less than an hour later, I’m standing up realizing I’m the first or second one done. As I’m walking out of class I wonder, “What on earth is everyone else still writing about that I didn’t think to write about?” As Ryan smilingly suggested once, “Maybe the right answers?” And I can’t help but agree, but with good humor. But a week later I receive my marked up green book where the inside left cover reads a score comfortably above the mean.

Today was another one of those exams. Except this time the material was harder, my notesheet unhelpful, and my head was spinning from lack of sleep. Eh well. My last final is complete for now. No more sifting through the verbiage of Section I of the Federal Trade Commission’s Guidlines for Mergers today! And here’s to my last day of Fall Quarter! My last fall quarter…


Maria, gratia plena

Mediums of communication have been discussed quite a bit lately whether it be with friends or in the research proposal presentations in class these last two days. While walking to work today, suddenly realized how I can’t help but think about how I’m tired of all of them at the moment.

It’s funny because my roommate would tease about how accessible I am. Need me? Call me, text me, instant message me, hell, comment on my blog. And usually I love it. Of course by no means do these mediums act as a replacement for traditional forms of communication, as using them allows greater communication when talking in person simply isn’t possible or convenient. Typically, I can’t get enough of it. Whether it’s what I communicate in an away message, some ambiguous lyric hidden several returns down in my AIM Profile, or sending and receiving texts in quick succession, I embrace all these methods and usually delight in their functions. Read more

Wednesday & Thursday Night Outings

This week dragged out. You can definitely feel the perilous combo of mounting group work and end of the quarter burnout and it’s effect on those around you, let alone yourself. Thankfully time with friends and the boyfriend have been making my nights and for that I am glad. Read more

Picking a Web Host

Picking a Web Host

I just like this picture because of my Google shirt.