Hey Something Looks Different

What are Jamie’s big goals for Winter break?

** Post Winter break edit! **

  1. Finish a book
  2. Finished Dreams from My Father, by Barack Obama today. Review coming soon. Beautiful book.

  3. Work out 3-4x a week
  4. Yeah, so not really. Week 1 – Yes. Week 2 – No. Holidays :D. Week 3 – Got sick :/.

  5. Winter edition of eNewsletter
  6. Kinda. Well. Yeah, the stylesheet.

  7. Capstone game plan
  8. Actually got a lot of information and had three meetings with our client and the basics decided. Hopefully tomorrow’s class will be more enlightening.

  9. New design for blog
  10. Nay.

  11. Watch Harry Potter 3 on DVD
  12. Yup! Last night with Ryan and Anthony while we played Monopoly!

  13. Finish last school year’s photo album
  14. Done. So many pictures.

Today at work, figured I’d tackle #5 because it’s the one I’ve been the most excited about. However, no dice. I am feeling so uninspired right now. Aaron recommended I play with this Kubrick template. Which I did.

Try 1

After an hour of that, realized I didn’t like it and went back to this default you see now. Currently flustered at complete lack of progress.

    • ca
    • December 15th, 2004 7:55pm

    Change is good – so is experimenting – but sometimes, rejection of change is okay as well, so long as change is not rejected for change’s sake – or for rejection’s sake – something like that!

    • Tho
    • December 15th, 2004 10:41pm

    Actually I think your modified black one looks better than this default one. Maybe just that picture of seattle in the banner can go into the digital oblivion, but the rest looks fine.

  1. I agree. Your modified one definitely looks sweet.

    • jules
    • December 16th, 2004 7:58am

    hehe, your comment boxes says “welcome back jules”

    I like the black one…but it’s like, not Jamie-ish to me. The changes in blues on this page suit you better.

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