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Pickle Ball, What What

Eager to hit the courts, last night Rufino and I rounded up Ryan, David, Tho, Stephen, and David T. to play some hardcore ball. But alas, upon reaching the hallowed halls of the IMA, we were distraught to find all the courts were filled. Oh woe is me! Here I had invited the guys to play some good old-fashioned basketball and here we all stood, geared up, ball in hand, but no where to play! Our dreams of grandeur seemed out of reach.

I began to hear mumblings of “hitting the weights” amongst the gang and I began to consider the alternative of just working out. But then inspiration struck and it came in the form of two wooden paddles and plastic white ball. “Pickle ball!” I cried as passed the raquetball courts. “What? Um, sure,” David answered.

So while the rest of the guys left, Dave graciously accompanied me to the checkout window to borrow the equipment (okay, and when I say graciously, I mean I dragged him there, haha). “Why am I doing this again?” Dave asked as we ran up to the front desk to get the badminton nets lowered.

Once we got to the court though, the rest of the guys joined us for some winner-take-all 2-on-2 action. David and I started it off with two gloooorious wins but then it seemed like everyone else leveled up past me after the initial rounds. Competition was tough. Stephen and Ryan were a paritularly daunting duo and became the reigning champs. But one cannot forget to mention Rufino’s killer serves and Tho’s natural finness. Ah ah ah, the agony of each miss! The sublimity of a returned tough hit!

It was good to go out with friends to run around and play a game. And the game was Pickle Ball no less! A game I fondly remember from my days in high school PE. Yeah. Ladies and gangstas, Pickle ball is in. Keep posted for next game time.

Untitled #2

Geez, I <3 Google. Look what they’re up to now: Google Video. Ah soOo cool. And I love how they describe its use using an example about finding information on a cheese factory. Now there’s an information problem.

I completed my econ exam! Our time was cut short to fifty minutes, was followed by a lecture (yes, evil), and then by an announced assignment of fifty-some pages of reading and a problem set to be completed for next class’ cold calls. Ah cold calls. But I digress, I completed my exam! It’s all about the first test, it’s like step-one in determining course-strategy. And dagnabit does this course need strategy.

I used a George Foreman Grill for the first time tonight and made lemon dill chicken. It was awesome! Then I tried to make boxed cheese aus gratin potatoes but forgot to add the cheese. Oh adventures in the kitchen…

What else, what else. Oh had a good/helpful/clarifying Capstone meeting today. We met with our instructors for nearly an hour. Realized last night I haven’t mentioned Capstone all that much on here as most academic references go to my “beloved” economics course. It always feels funny to me to write about my INFO courses because I assume half my audience is taking the same courses with me. Come to think of it, over the past year if I mention school it’s usually about the one non-INFO class I take each quarter. Which can be a bit misleading on my interests. Don’t be fooled, I’m 89% Informatics and 11% Economics! Or something.

Tomorrow it’s basketball at the IMA. Be there or be square.

Untitled #1

I want tomorrow’s econ exam to be over with. I spent most of Sunday and today studying for this thing and I’m getting tired of it. It’s been so long since I’ve studied hardcore for a non-INFO class. I never quite feel prepared enough, there’s always more to study. One thing’s for sure though, I’ve learned more about Economics in the last three weeks than I did all last quarter. Financial markets, securities, and the supervision of US depository institutions dance like sugar plums in my head.

Speaking of securities and sugar plums, while studying I realized I take delight in very simple things and very complex things. My notes are lined with crayon and doodles of cartoon monkeys between scribbled explanations of capital inflows and domestic investment correlations. I think that’s a good thing.

After work I left the lab and hit the IMA. There, while I was on a step-machine, watching my heart rate on the tiny screen, couldn’t help but wonder what goes into cardio machine interface design, hah. After the workout it was “off” to my other job and then dinner with Ryan and Trevor at Pepe’s. Came back to the condo for more studying, oatmeal cookies, and 24 with Ryan while getting some things done for work.

Morning View
The morning view, post orange-ness

In other news, the sky was startling orange this morning. A bright orange pink-streaked dawn. On the sky bridge people slowed their step to catch the sight. Or perhaps they paused to see why I was wide-eyed and gazing. Talk about presence. What better “good morning”?

IUGA LAN Part Deux

Last night IUGA hosted their second LAN Party in Mary Gates and it went pretty well. I’m not much of a gamer though and instead collected tickets, picked up the pizza, and watched Naruto (Episodes 64-67) with David in the Group Room.

Avi and Sean
Avi and Sean in the hallway

Somewhere in the middle of the night though, a group of us left to the College Inn for some drinks before returning back to the lab (oh wow we’re such awesome nerds). I came a bit late but I can now officially say I’ve taken a shot with Dave, Zion, and Justin! (Thanks for the Meat Stixxx!) Had one drink and watched Sean stumble around hugging people before heading back. Ah, yes. Too fun. Okay back to studying. I got bank regulation and supervision dizzown, let me tell you…

The Internet is So Cool

Oh wow check this out. This girl’s hobby is to collect gem sweaters. She has four hundred of them (and gold pants). I don’t think I can do her collection justice with mere words, see for yourself. Inspiring, isn’t it?

I Realized I Hate Titling My Posts

It’s odd, this week my days drag and my afternoons/evenings are fun-filled. Time in class or at work seems to be draining me lately. Like today in econ, I was trying to keep my eyes open, mindlessly scribbling something about asset demand theory, watching the second hand of the clock move achingly slow. Mosied back to Mary Gates to see Ryan, wondering about how long I’d stay before retreating to my bed for a much-needed nap. But then I walked into the room and–bam! Hello to Ryan, Sean, Dan and David! For some reason seeing them made me happy (friends are awesome like that). Next thing you know I’m watching Naruto with David listening to the guys’ banter. After two epsiodes of Naruto and finding some cool photo (Thanks Ryan!), we found ourselves hungry so it was off to Ivar’s for their Happy Hour.

Although it was a little bit more of a walk than some parties desired, it was nice to walk out in the drizzly rain to Ivar’s. Man their Happy Hour is so uncontested in my book. I had a Hef, calamari, and a salad (I blame you, Rufino). It was good times!

That was just today. Monday it was the hum-drum of work but followed by a good workout, Capstone meeting, and dinner out with Trevor, Rufino, and Anthony at China First where we chatted and drank a lot of tea; I left with my face hurting from all the laughter. Tuesday was a day of meetings and a slow econ lecture, academic worries and lack of sleep left me feeling defeated. But then afterward it was home to the condo where I got to chill with Jules and hang out with Ryan! Wednesday? A less-than-engaging opening shift at work, class, work. The night? A Capstone meeting with Trevor and Rufino followed by a late night Dick’s run for ice cream (and 5 cent onions). Man, do I dig onions.

Or maybe this whole day-blah/night-awesome thing is because during the day I’m feeling the effects of not enough of sleep and at night I’m enjoying the second-wind of staying up? Who knows. Oh well. I have no complaints, can’t argue with happy endings.