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Ryan and I outside MGH
me and some tall guy outside MGH @ 1:30am last Saturday night


Holy crap I’m twenty-two years old today.

Currently sitting at work now trying to write a review for these CSCW research papers on collaborative software development and feeling the sway of too little sleep. I couldn’t lay still last night so it looks like I may have to tap that Power Bar today afterall.

Nimbus is sick!! Yesterday in the Group Room I opened up my laptop only to see the screen twitch out on me as I screamed in horror! Our resident Mac-expert Sean tapped him a little until Dan looked up and said the ever fatal, “Your shit’s broke, dawg.” But all is well, Nimbus is in the care of the Apple folks for now, no questions asked. No laptop-gallivanting for seven days or so though. Even when at home last night, instinctively kept reaching for my iBook to find it not in its case and eventually settled in front of my much-neglected PC (with its oh so cool broken keyboard).

Anyway, last night I went out for an early-celebratory ice cream with my old roommates et al. (I’m going to get crap for using et al. aren’t I?) Muchas thanks for coming out!! It was good to see your faces. It was way fun, like face-hurts-from-smiling-fun. Looking forward to bowling next week!

Cynthia, April, Angie, me, Will, Katie, Paul, Jason, some random guy
@ The Mix

So 22. Waiting for that to settle in.
Thanks for the birthday txts, IMs, and eCard that started my morning. =)

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It’s sunny out! And despite my troglodyte tendencies, I like it.

This weekend hsa been nice . Friday night I worked in the lab and then went back to my place with David to watch Naruto and eat ramen. Six episodes later we went back to the Group Room where everyone was programming for Capstone and watching American Wedding and Season 1 of 24. So the night was productive but still fun.

Saturday I picked up Ryan and Anthony and headed to Chinatown with my family for an early birthday lunch. We ate at Ho Ho Seafood restaurant, my favorite Chinese restaurant and had their 10-course family meal. Was disappointed to find that I could hardly keep up eating all the dishes. After the first three I started feeling myself get full! Was glad the guys were good sports, tried everything even the jelly fish tentacles. So it was nice to see the fam. <3 <3 <3

After a Uwajimaya and Best Buy run dropped the guys back home to get thing done at home. Later went back to Ryan’s to watch Ray with him and Kony. It was a great movie. More importantly, it told a pretty extraordinary story.

Anyhoo, it’s Sunday. Enjoy the sunshine, folks.

Class Registration

This morning I registered for the last time as an undergrad at UW!

The Spring Quarter Lineup:
ECON 403 – Economics of Property Rights
ECON 406 – Seminar on Economic Growth
ECON 471 – International Trade

Ack! No INFO! Feels funny to think of an entire quarter without hanging out in TE lab or Group Room… Anyway, looks like no classes Friday. Just need one more credit for that double degree.

Geez, my freshman days of 6am registrations seem like yesterday: being in the dorms, hitting F5 repeatedly for fifteen to thirty minutes, trying to get into MyUW. My first two quarters here I actually used the phone STAR system cause I found it to be more reliable. Now those were the days, haha.

Valentine’s Day

It’s a late post but–

Roses Jamie and Ryan being cheesey

I had a most wonderful Valentine’s Day. =)

Weekend Review

Ah! So last week was rough. Realized I had worked some thirty hours that week and in conjunction with my 18-credit course load, it explained why I felt like crap. I overdid it this quarter. Even forfeited the usual Thursday night outing for a chill evening with Ryan reading CSCW research papers. A shifting deadline at work, a midterm, a client presentation, two job-searching let downs, an upcoming econ midterm and too much time in the lab left me feeling run down. Then while sitting in the lab Friday night, I made probably the best decision of the week: I left my backpack and laptop in the iSchool and walked out with only my jacket, UPASS, and phone.

My first stop was the girls’ apartment for a Chinese New Year dinner cooked by Angie and Cynthia. Although completely flustered when I arrived, it was nice to sit down with friends and hang out, eating my favorite Chinese New Year squishy-brown-rice-cake-thingy. Being around the old roommates reminded me how I like coming home to people and the time living together in Steven’s Court. After dinner (and some time wrapped in a blanket on their couch) I went out with Angie, Cynthia, and her boyfriend Dan to the Starbucks in U-Village–which is open 24-hrs now as of today, by the way.

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