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The following is my rant about the Community Transit riders (Sorry, David.)

I walk to campus everyday except for the two days I open the lab at 7:30am. Those days (like today) I’ll stroll up the block and take whatever bus happens to run by at 7:20am. Since I started this routine, it became apparent that my usual Metro routes did not come by that often in the morning and I was initially delighted at the chance to ride a Community Transit bus. The Community Transit buses are typically filled with commuters from the suburbs and are just a lot nicer inside (think charter bus). But there is just one thing that bothers me about it: the difference in socially accepted bus etiquette.

Walking on the bus this morning, I walked by row after row to see each one occupied by one person who had a purse or bag holding the seat next to them. Now this is all fine and good if you have a lot of stuff, a large duffle bag, say some kids or something. But each row I passed had no more than one person and a little purse or backpack put onto the seat to prevent someone from sitting down next to them. The bus was only half full and as I walked by each row, each person met my gaze, looked down at their seat beside them, and put their hand over it indicating I was not to sit there. Luckily there was one remaining vacant row in the very back of the bus. But WTH mate? I could barely wrap my head around the situation. Do they need to be reminded that while they may be on the more illustrious Community Transit buses, that are still on a bus?

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Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.

I caught the last Ash Wednesday service at my church tonight. Reasoning it was the fifth one offered of the day and it being, well, Wednesday, the place would be half-full at best. It was pretty surprising to walk through the doors to see standing-room-only as peer ministers bustled about trying to find extra books to hand out as supplies grew thin. Another surprise, my pastor Fr. Steve Maekawa stood at the door welcoming people as they came in. The sight itself made me smile. It had been nearly a year since he had been called to serve as a chaplain in the U.S. Army for our troops out in Afghanistan. It was good to see him back.

Anyway, Ash Wednesday was good. I hadn’t gone in two years (due to last year’s CSE 373 project debacle) and it felt good to observe the day. Lent begins today and I honestly think I look forward to this “season” more than any other during the year. I mean, it doesn’t illicit the same kind of joy that say, the Christmas season brings, but I don’t know. I dig this stuff. But then again, I really like holidays. Always looking for reason to observe and celebrate I suppose.

Untitled #4 I think

Ohmigosh I am having the hardest time finishing this INFO 447 midterm. Am feeling so unmotivated.

And with that, here are some things that are awesome:

Soup at Hand!
Soup in a cup! Yes!

John Legend
“Ordinary People”
John Legend
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This ling ling sauce rox my sox.

Kay back to defining that taxonomy!

*btw edit*
Happy Chinese New Year, Ash Wednesday +=), and belated Pancake Day!

Weekends Were Meant to Start on Thursday

Last night IUGA went out to dinner at Buca di Beppo’s. So it was good Informatics-cross-cohort’mingling-dinner-food stuffing-times. Yes.

Trevor, Sean, and David

Okay this picture looks too amazing not to post.

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Untitled #3

Almost a whole week without a post. How odd. Things seem to have momentarily slowed down. Wait no, I have. Ever since my econ midterm I realized I was burning myself out and cut down my commitment time to that course. The result? I’m a lot more calm and am not frantically attempting to shove down the lot of assigned pages of reading each week and hours of practice problems. Granted lecture is a lot more difficult (haha), but tradeoffs, tradeoffs, hehe. Plus it feels good to focus on things I care more about, like Capstone.

I’m looking forward to next Monday, it’s the day the Transfer eNewsletter’s winter edition goes live! Which means I hopefully won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the quarter and have one more thing off of my plate. That’s something to look forward to. Read more