Class Registration

This morning I registered for the last time as an undergrad at UW!

The Spring Quarter Lineup:
ECON 403 – Economics of Property Rights
ECON 406 – Seminar on Economic Growth
ECON 471 – International Trade

Ack! No INFO! Feels funny to think of an entire quarter without hanging out in TE lab or Group Room… Anyway, looks like no classes Friday. Just need one more credit for that double degree.

Geez, my freshman days of 6am registrations seem like yesterday: being in the dorms, hitting F5 repeatedly for fifteen to thirty minutes, trying to get into MyUW. My first two quarters here I actually used the phone STAR system cause I found it to be more reliable. Now those were the days, haha.

    • david
    • February 18th, 2005 12:10pm

    i wonder if i should register too just so i can get the upass sticker.

    • Ryan
    • February 18th, 2005 2:21pm

    Yeah, no more school for me. Strange that in a couple of weeks it will all come to a close.

    • ca
    • February 21st, 2005 7:16pm

    It will feel weird, with so many INFO students either graduating or not taking INFO classes next quarter. Last year, we were a pretty tight bunch, for the most part. This quarter will probably be the last time I see the majority of y’all. Makes me feel all maudlin and stuff *sniff*.

  1. Oh I know, man. This is it. Guess we should enjoy it to the limit then, no?

    Realized when I wrote “Feels funny to think of an entire quarter without hanging out in TE lab or Group Room… ” I was thinking of it as terms of a temporal thing, am now realizing we’re nearly through! Ah ah nostalgia.

    • jules
    • February 23rd, 2005 6:52am

    not exactly the right place to post this, but I did say I’d put it on your blog. So…Happy Birthday Jamie!!!!!!! haha, wish I could be there, but I reserve your time for Sunday when we will have some good times and good food! Have a fun time with the usual suspects/info crew.

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