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It’s sunny out! And despite my troglodyte tendencies, I like it.

This weekend hsa been nice . Friday night I worked in the lab and then went back to my place with David to watch Naruto and eat ramen. Six episodes later we went back to the Group Room where everyone was programming for Capstone and watching American Wedding and Season 1 of 24. So the night was productive but still fun.

Saturday I picked up Ryan and Anthony and headed to Chinatown with my family for an early birthday lunch. We ate at Ho Ho Seafood restaurant, my favorite Chinese restaurant and had their 10-course family meal. Was disappointed to find that I could hardly keep up eating all the dishes. After the first three I started feeling myself get full! Was glad the guys were good sports, tried everything even the jelly fish tentacles. So it was nice to see the fam. <3 <3 <3

After a Uwajimaya and Best Buy run dropped the guys back home to get thing done at home. Later went back to Ryan’s to watch Ray with him and Kony. It was a great movie. More importantly, it told a pretty extraordinary story.

Anyhoo, it’s Sunday. Enjoy the sunshine, folks.

Private: Untitled #5

Sometimes if I go several days without writing I feel like my head gets too full, like an unsorted overstuffed file drawer whose utility is diminished because of the loads of information haphazardly stuffed into place. That’s right, my head requires regular organization maintenance (and getting my hair played with) for smooth function. And as with cleaning, the longer I put it off, the harder it is to get it done in the first place.

This weekend I played hard. And then I paid for it Sunday-Tuesday. After Saturday’s practice GMAT exam, Greg came over and we went to the third annual Emerald City Comicon. I like comics. Basically Marvel comics. Specifically the X-Men titles. I started collecting when I was eight and have more or less followed the storyline since then. I’m far from faithful though, I’ll go through six months without touching a comic now and then. In other words I feel pretty not-in-the-loop as I walk around the stands as Greg points out who’s who. And I mean it is pretty cool to see the creators of artists of all these comics. Even the Penny Arcade guys were there.

So after some persuing, listening to the first thirty minutes of panel, buying a comic book, and walking past the PA stand over and over again, I headed over to Ryan’s..

He had just baked cookies.

That day I wasn’t dressed for the weather and was fending the cold and temporal hail with a sweater and some cut-off pants. Coming to Ryan’s + cookies = double win. Afterward we went on a double date with David and Teresa and saw Phantom of the Opera downtown. So that was pretty cool, I like double dates.

As for the movie, eh. I don’t know. I mean, when I saw it in the theater with my band in the ninth grade I was just blown away. The movie kinda creeped me out. I think it’s because they made the phantom out to be creeepier or something. The entire time I was like, “What? He’s been posing as her father’s spirit and now is caressing her midsection talking singing about the desires of the flesh?” Reaction: Ew ew ew ew ew. And Christine? Was getting overly frustrated with her continued deer-in-headlights look, “Oh should I walk into my father’s grave? I think I hear him..” Lame. Eh well. I was humming “Masquerade” for the remaining tenure of night, the only song David dislikes, haha. Then we went to IHOP and I had roast beef. It was good.

Sunday I worked in the TE lab til about 8PM.
Monday I worked (Microlab->Gateway Center->Capstone) from 7:30AM-11:30PM with brief breaks for food. Presented all the work done to my boss for the eNewsletter that day and was surprisingly energized during my talk. That aside, what a dog day.
Tuesday we had a presentation for our Capstone client and worked on my takehome midterm after an officer meeting.

Now I feel like taking a nap for a week.

But first, happy Ash Wednesday. Lent starts today and I don’t know what to do (give up indulgence or conversely dedicate more time to things often neglected). Also Happy Chinese New Year!

Darn, head still feels full.

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