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Oh my cuteness
Yea yea yea!

Muchas muchas gracias to Tho, David, Ryan and Anthony for the birthday present! They surprised me today in the lab with this Kirby toy that I had eyed over a year and a half ago. Not only is he attached to an elastic string, there’s also a bell inside him that rings. AAHahah, such an awesome surprise. I mean just look at him! /me gazes

Okay back to work.

Untitled #6

What a good night. For dinner I had a microwave pepperoni pizza with ranch dressing and instant ramen noodles. Yum. I have the weirdest food craving combos at times.


Went out with the girls and the usual suspects for some late-night bowling just now. Had a long day starting with my opening shift at work, being worn out from working out at the IMA and being in the lab working on Capstone stuff. Wasn’t feeling too excited to go out but am glad I did. It was cool, Paul and I even had beer in those cheesy bowling pin bottles (comes with free shoes!) and I demonstrated to my friends my gutter-ball skillz. Yeah, you think you’re bad? For the first game, I bowled a fine score of 57! The second game…37. So it was funny for a while…then came the seventh frame and I was yet to break 20 and yeah, well you get the picture. Yup, I sux0rs at bowling. But no worries. Will made up for it like a pro. Oh em gee. Too cool.

And with that, time to resist urge to make more ramen and get some sleep!