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Memorial Day Weekend

The Informatics 4th and 5th cohorts battle
off in a game of Ultimate Frisbee at
Golden Gardens – Photo by Sean Fortier

The holiday weekend continued Saturday with IUGA’s End of the Year BBQ at Golden Gardens (Photos). The weather was perfect out and we had a neat shady area reserved for the event. Besides hanging out and eating grilled meat, we got to play a bit of Ultimate in the sand. It was awesome to be out there playing. It really is a shame we didn’t have enough girls for co-ed intramural this quarter. All the running around on the beach tuckered me out though, but the day went on.

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Untitled #15

It’s been hot but I’ve been keepin’ my cool. Har har har.

While I really don’t like this heat wave, I’m doing all right. I’ve been appreciating having AC and just layin’ low. Go out and into the sun? You crazy. Casey is right, I am a troglodyte.

Took the ferry home to PO today. Haven’t done that in a while, the ferry terminals have changed so much. Here’s me playing with the automatic burst function on my camera:

OH NOES! Where’d my arm go?!

Yeah, what?

Ah, good times. Afterward, I went home to a house filled with relatives and ate homemade crab cakes and steamed mussels. Then I watched Mulan. What a great movie! This is probably the fourth time seeing it but man. Even Mushu’s cheesey jokes still make me laugh! And the climactic Mulan v. General scene? WOowow. I only wish this movie had come out when I was younger.

Untitled #14

[X] Democracy and Economic Development Paper Due
[X] Institutions and Economic Destiny Paper Due
[X] International Trade Problem Set Due
[X] Economic Growth Midterm

Week 9 complete! It was a lot of school stuff crammed into three days, but I was able to get it done and still enjoy 24 season finale night, a steak dinner with Ryan, and Capoeira practice this week. WoOoo.. And now I’m sleepy.

There’s still two final papers (a cross-country econometric analysis on economic growth and a comparative literature review on the welfare state) and two final exams (for ECON 471 & 406) for me to tackle in the next two weeks before I’m through…but for now, as Jules pointed out to me this afternoon, I’m done with my very last midterm. More importantly, I received an e-mail from my prof about a class cancellation again — it looks like I won’t have to be in class until next Tuesday, haha.

Weekend Happenings

Due a class cancellation, my weekend started Wednesday night. So after dinner at Red Robin with Ryan, later that night I went out with David and Justin to Chris’ to watch the Naruto movie with him and Donna. To be honest, the movie was okay. I mean it was still a blast to watch, especially the wicked fight scenes, but parts of the plot just seemed weak. Besides, that snow princess was pretty insufferable.

Friday after work I went with Greg to watch Star Wars Episode III. R2-D2 is still my hero. It was pretty good (minus the awkward love scenes) and really tied it all together. I was curious to see how this one would turn out in its ability to lead into Episode IV, but the ending was perfect. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan but it was a fun watch. Afterward I went shopping downtown. Later that night I went over to the girls’ apartment to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events and eat brownies. And while the characters of the kids in the movie were pretty awesome, it was a bit too much on the creepy side for my own taste. Jim Carrey frightens me.

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New Sushi Spot

Sushi Express on 50th and the Ave has a new owner and it really shows. Jules and I went out tonight in search of our favorite spider rolls when we decided to go for sushi on a train. However, when we got to Sushi Express, there was no train. Feeling a little disappointed, we decided to go in any way to order off the menu.

First off their new menu is pretty sweet. I mean, there’s like over fifty different rolls (the owner’s specialty) listed and the prices were all pretty reasonable. And the menu has more than just your typical spicy tuna roll. For example, we got this cucumber, mango, shrimp roll that was surprisingly really good. Who would’ve thought? Then Jules ordered her spider roll and I ordered my sake nigiri. However, we were soon to find out what else made this place so great: size. These weren’t little finger food rolls. We found ourselves eating the sushi with our hands because it was hard to pick it up with chopsticks. Plus I got free refills on miso!

After we finished eating our food, we had a talk with the new owner (who was also the roller) who wanted feedback on his newly drafted menu, prices, and roll sizes. After giving him the thumbs up and finishing a grapefruit roll he gave us to try, Jules and I left thoroughly stuffed. And for only $14 between the two of us, I can deal without having a train. Bottom line: If you’re in U-District looking for some sushi, mosey up to Sushi Express.

Street Fair Reminder

Just a reminder that tomorrow marks the start of the U-District Street Fair! Hopefully there’s not too much rain. I’m excited to go this year, I spent last year’s in the lab working on a database project. Here I come, over-priced food and knick-knack tables!

Also at the fair, if anyone wants to see some Capoiera in action, be at 47th and the Ave. on Saturday around 3:30PM. The Axe Capoeira school will be playing so check out the roda.