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I Don’t Understand the Question

I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith and loved it.

Pitt and Jolie

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Reflections of a Newbie

After work I decided to go check out that Capoeira school on Capitol Hill that I’ve been balking on attending. My body was aching to move. So I printed off a map, hopped on a bus and wandered around until I heard the sound of drums that told me I was at the right place. I attended my first “real” class in their studio and it was fun. I left two hours later and despite the intensity of the workout, I left very much invigorated. I thrive when I’m active. Increase chi flow, I suppose.

The only thing that was different about this Capoeira class than the ones I took at the Experimental College was that I was truly “the new girl”. The only familiar face was my instructor and I felt totally out of place. It didn’t help that everyone in the room was dressed in their white uniforms, whereas I stood amidst them in my black Kung Fu pants and gray Informatics shirt. Talk about standing out.

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Holy Hotcakes, Batman

Batman BeginsIt seemed like everyone I talked to this week was asking me if I had seen Batman Begins. And it was always followed by either, “It’s really good,” or “Tell me if you go, I want to see it again.” And having read Greg rave about its arrival to the big screen for the last couple months, I couldn’t deny the allure of a promising action flick.

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First Week of Work

On Tuesday I started work as an Associate at Atlas NetConversions. So for the most part, things have taken a radical change in my life. Ha, well not really, more so in that I can no longer sleep in five days a week and I spend forty hours a week with a nifty name badge on my hip. That aside, work is pretty cool. I found a bus route that gets me from U-District to Pioneer Square in 9 minutes, making my commute ridiculously short. Exciting stuff, let me tell you.

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Graduation Hoopla

Running down Meany Hall steps in caps and gowns with Kathryn and her saying, “Ohmigosh just look at us!” Knowing your faculty and academic deans by first name. Sitting backstage next to Ryan waiting with the crew. Seeing all the faculty decked in academic garb. Feeling pride for my iSchool. Being called back to the mic. Uh. Er. Hi. Admiration for my peers. Being one of twelve undergraduates representing your college at Commencement. Our INFO profs bringing us ding dongs while we waited in line. Walking around the stadium track by college like that country you’ve never heard of in the Parade of Nations. Having the rain soak through your clothes. Fitting two people in one poncho. The wait for Mike Eisenberg to present us to the President, “I’d like to present to you the Information School’s ground-breaking Informatics students!” Standing on our chairs and screaming with the hope that our dean would see us from the podium. Gladly retreating home early without walking across the stage. Warming up and drying up in front of fireplace while wrapped in snowman blanket. The chill night with the INFO crew at Trevor’s and eating his mom’s deviled eggs. The ferry ride with friends to my parents house. Spending the afternoon in Port Orchard for a classic Y. family party. Uncle Chris’ banana cream pudding, trail walking, and lots of aunties and uncles. Trevor on piano singing with my Mom. Karaoke in my parents’ living room and David singing “I Just Called to Say I Love You” to Teresa. Surprise visit from my homie Dan and playing Virtua Fighter 2 on Sega Saturn before driving back to the Seattle. That was my graduation weekend.

The Fam

Me in the Crowd

UW Commencement in Ponchos

Into the Woods

My Mom and Trevor on Piano

Me and Ernelyn with Lola Y.

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These Last 4 Years

I wrote more after my epic “I’M DONE!!!” entry, but never got around to hitting “Publish”. I was tempted to leave it out completely, but then thought my blog wouldn’t be complete without some sort of an I’m-done-with-college-reflection, so here it goes. I tried to keep it short. Here’s the rest of the original post.

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