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College = Complete


Alderwood Mall with Trevor

Today I discovered the yummy’ness of custard in my bubble tea and the music of the new Coldplay CD. Great stuff. Trevor and I spent most of the day shopping and it was muy bueno.

After trying on many pairs of strappy black heels, I found the perfect pair at Nordstroms, only to come home and realize my roommate has the exact same pair in a different size.

This surprise came only second to one earlier in the day, when I saw that the above mentioned CD was selling for only $11.99 at Sam Goody. That’s right, Sam Goody. Will wonders never cease.

Last Week of Class

So here concludes my last week of class. The week started Tuesday, where I went to my one class of the day, had lunch with Angie at BoB, napped, and watched Naruto with David until Capoeira practice. Ah, the life of a student.

Last Week of Spring Quater 006
Kevin and Sean in front of the ice
cream cake

Wednesday after work and class, I went out to Sean’s birthday dinner with the INFO crew. I made the reservations at Kisaku, a sushi place by Greenlake. The night was fun and the restaurant was perfect. The sushi was good, the service was on top of things, and the place was just nice. Everyone (except Tho who admittedly was asleep) made it out. Seeing the whole crew together made me happy. =)

When dinner was over, Ryan, Trevor and I went to Baskin Robbins to get Sean an ice cream cake. Afterward, we all met up at Dan’s for a short while for the singing, candle blowing, cake eating-thing before heading home for the night. Then I only got five hours sleep because I was writing a final paper. Ah, the life of a student.

Thursday after work and class, we held our big three-hour IUGA transitional meeting with the newly elected officers. Over a Mexican food platter and a monster PowerPoint presentation, we “passed the torch”. It actually wasn’t bad and it was cool talking with the new officers about this crazy program of ours. At the end of the night, most of the old officers went out to Ivar’s Happy Hour for chowder. It was a good night.

Last Week of Spring Quater 009
Yeah, this was awesome. Mary Gates
Hall captured in cookie dough.

Friday was the iSchool’s Spring Fling. So if you walked by the Quad Friday afternoon and saw a keg, bails of hay, and a bluegrass band playing, then that’s where we were. Afterward, Ryan, David, Teresa and I went back to my place and watched Kung Fu Hustle. David and Teresa even made Mexican pizza for us. I was a little disappointed in Kung Fu Hustle given all the good things I’ve heard about it, but it was still fun to watch.

Not a bad final week of college classes. As for today? Ryan and I went out to Las Margaritas and then took a trip to Krispy Kreme. Yeah, Mexican food + Krispy Kremes. We’re awesome like that.

Free Krispy Kreme Day

Ah! To express customer appreciation, Kirspy Kreme is giving everyone a free doughnut of your choice today. Go get some.

Final Paper

Paragraph one of my Poli Sci final paper!

Mankind’s interactions with one another, whether social, political, or economical, are all controlled by rules. From formal laws and edicts, to accepted cultural norms or customs, mankind has created “institutions” that shape what he or she does, when, with whom, and under what circumstances. Whether it is the democratic character of a government or the traditions we practice at the one’s high school senior prom, these institutions influence how we act in society. Across cultures they are often attributed as a cause in the variance of everything from standards of living to the nature of labor markets across countries. Their perceived causal effect on even the quality of life attracts the attention of many who seek to understand the effect of the numerous institutions on the state of their present day world. While there are a vast number of institutions worth analyzing, the institutions of democracy and labor markets have been of specific interest to political economists. These two institutions’ effects on long-run economic performance and wealth redistribution are particularly noteworthy in their far-reaching ability to affect the well-being of economies, the welfare state, and foreign policies of a society.

Or as my classmate Paul put it, “Stuff affects stuff…and stuff.” Too bad the rest of the paper goes downhill from there, haha. Agh. Thirty-one minutes ’til I turn this in and go to my very last class in college.

EDIT: Two classes down. Two to go. The countdown:

- International Trade Final (Monday)
- Regression Analysis Paper (Thursday)
- Economic Growth Final (Thursday)

Which reminds me, I need to pick up my lemon tassel today!

Cultural Norms

So I was Googling stuff up on Brazillian etiquette and cultural norms to better understand the gestures I’ve found common during Capoeira, when I found this site. It was pretty interesting and explained a few confusions. For example:

To beckon someone, extend your palm face down and wave your fingers toward your body.

To me this motion looked like a funny sort of wave, so I always would wave back when my instructor would do this to me. Am realizing now he would only stop “waving” once I walked over to him, haha.

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