Reflections of a Newbie

After work I decided to go check out that Capoeira school on Capitol Hill that I’ve been balking on attending. My body was aching to move. So I printed off a map, hopped on a bus and wandered around until I heard the sound of drums that told me I was at the right place. I attended my first “real” class in their studio and it was fun. I left two hours later and despite the intensity of the workout, I left very much invigorated. I thrive when I’m active. Increase chi flow, I suppose.

The only thing that was different about this Capoeira class than the ones I took at the Experimental College was that I was truly “the new girl”. The only familiar face was my instructor and I felt totally out of place. It didn’t help that everyone in the room was dressed in their white uniforms, whereas I stood amidst them in my black Kung Fu pants and gray Informatics shirt. Talk about standing out.

What was most notable is that I felt nervous. The first half of the class we did stuff with instruments and worked on Maculele. Like mentioned before, Maculele is a fight-like stick dance where the performers hit each others’ sticks after every fourth beat of the drum. The movements are pretty awesome looking, but as you can imagine I looked like such a nub trying it–it’s all in the hips they say. As everyone gathered in a circle to have two at a time Maculele, I skirted away from the center at every chance I got, until a senior student insisted (for third time) that I really go in at least once. It was weird to feel so hesitant at something. I’m so used to diving into that sort of thing, careless of how I’ll look. But Maculele? Gah, I could hardly tell my right from left foot apart, let alone hit my sticks on the right beat.

I mean, it was fun. But it was interesting to be the newb. I’m so used to being the senior student watching the new guys as they would awkwardly attempt to mimick my movements. During last quarter’s EC classes, we all started as a group together. And even then I already felt ahead because I knew how to jinga. So tonight was different. But I’ll try again. I learned that my shyness completely dissipated when we got to the martial parts of the class. Kick your partner? Sure thing.

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    • Marjorie
    • June 25th, 2005 10:13am

    Ha Ha Tabert-style. Well written account, as usual. I hope you’re having a good summer. Congrats on graduatin.

    • DT
    • June 27th, 2005 12:22pm

    I imagine that you can deliver some serious damage Jamie..ehehhee Remind me not to get on your bad side.

    Oh, and the first time I hear about ‘Capoeira’ was in “Meet the Fockers”

    • Jamie
    • June 27th, 2005 10:23pm

    Yea, serious damage.. to myself. I type this as I sit on frozen vegetables. Le sigh, hehe.

    And now I wanna see Meet the Fockers to hear the reference, hah.

    • DT
    • June 29th, 2005 5:54pm

    yes, Meet the Fockers heheh

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