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Kat’s Birthday BBQ


Yesterday was Kat’s birthday BBQ at her house in Tukwila. And as such, Ryan and I met up with the rest of the INFO crew at her place for some bbq’ing goodness, time in the blazing sun, and badminton-foosball-karaoke-action. Good times!

Despite the heat, it was really great to be out in the sun with friends—eating oysters, haha. Now the last two times I’ve had oysters were at my family picnic two weeks ago and again at Oceanaire with Ryan and his parents. Both times the oysters were a bit too slimy and cold for my liking, but right when I had given up on this daunting shellfish, Kat’s grilled oysters convinced me otherwise. (Ha, am I really writing a paragraph on oysters?) They were great dipped in lime juice with salt and pepper and complimented with a cold beer. Add in some crazy good fried eggrolls and me sitting in the shade at a picnic table with friends and well, yeah…bliss, I tell you.

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My New ALAG Tote Bag




Ahoy there. I haven’t been writing as often as I’d like but I haven’t really made time to sit and visit my Internet haunts much, let alone update my blog. I thought life after school was supposed to be filled with more down time but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how happenin’ things have been. I also blame long summer days that are filled with possibility.

Usually after work I spend about twenty minutes at home before bouncing out to either (1) go out with friends, (2) attend Capoeira practice, or (3) walk over to Ryan’s. I then come home late, stay up for an hour or two before hiting the hay. So yes, time at home is even less than it was when I was in college, which is hard to believe. I do ocassionally feel the urge to write more, to stay still more. (Hah, more like do laundry more.) But the sentiment is usually fleeting.

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Half-Blood Prince Release

“What are you doing this weekend?” one of my co-workers asked at lunch. “Probably…reading,” I heard someone else reply. I looked up in recognition, “I’m getting mine tonight.”

It was funny to learn who at the office were also Harry Potter fans and it was fun to end the work day off, down in a conference room finishing up some free food and beer talking about the books. Kinda like getting on the bus today and seeing three people with Book 6 out on their lap reading, and later on the ferry overhearing talk about Chapter 1 by a group of teenagers and walking by a mom reading it aloud to her little girl. The 6th book is out and I seem to be seeing it everywhere. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

After work yesterday, Paul picked me up and we met up with Angie, Taylor, and Casey at Barnes & Noble. It was 6PM. We had bracelets to pick up. We had all pre-ordered our copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but all pre-orders had to come to the store and pick up a numbered bracelet which would then be called sequentially at midnight. I figured coming 6 hours early would suffice and was surprised to see a such long line wrapped around the inside of the B&N. I should’ve known better. The wait wasn’t long though and it was kinda fun nerding out along my friends. While we waited in line, a reporter from The Daily approached us trying to get a quote, despite our many attempts to dissuade her. It was a very Rita Skeeter-like event, if you know what I mean.

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Untitled #17

Today was another nice day out. For the first time since I started working at NC, I had lunch by myself. I had a usability webcast to watch at 12:30, so I took my lunch early where I went to the foosball table room and read my book. It wasn’t til I was sitting on the couch, unpeeling the plastic from my TV dinner that I began to really appreciate the usual company of my co-workers during our daily lunch hour outings. I couldn’t imagine having lunch like this everyday, as I once expected I would be when I arrived my first day.

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Untitled #16

It was really gorgeous out today. Hooray for summers in Seattle. Today during the usual lunch hour, I went out with my co-workers to Chinoise to celebrate a birthday. I was excited because I’ve always wanted to try the place because it looked so nice but I was promptly disappointed. The service was pretty terrible. And it was in the upsetting/irritating-kind of way. As opposed to the “Sweet, now I don’t have to tip”-sort of way. Plus nothing about the food seemed special, you could get the same stuff at the Uwajimaya food court for far less.

So after I had some spider rolls, which were quite possibly the worst I’ve ever had, a couple of us went back to Uwajimaya for some ice cream before heading back to the office. While sitting at my desk, I discovered that it’s surprisingly difficult to eat an ice cream cone and simulatneously use a computer. I had taro. It really made up for lunch.

Got home and took a longer than intended power nap, promptly got up, ate some rice and went off to Capoeira. Class was good. Didn’t even look at the clock once. Came home at 10 with head buried in Harry Potter. I don’t even know why I’m still reading Book 5 when I know I won’t be able to reread it all in time for Friday’s release, but I have simply just gotten into it. (Am on page 424 of 870.) I’ve even started reading it on the bus. Which is curious, I usually refuse to read in moving vehicles because it makes me dizzy. Oh, exceptions.