Kat’s Birthday BBQ


Yesterday was Kat’s birthday BBQ at her house in Tukwila. And as such, Ryan and I met up with the rest of the INFO crew at her place for some bbq’ing goodness, time in the blazing sun, and badminton-foosball-karaoke-action. Good times!

Despite the heat, it was really great to be out in the sun with friends—eating oysters, haha. Now the last two times I’ve had oysters were at my family picnic two weeks ago and again at Oceanaire with Ryan and his parents. Both times the oysters were a bit too slimy and cold for my liking, but right when I had given up on this daunting shellfish, Kat’s grilled oysters convinced me otherwise. (Ha, am I really writing a paragraph on oysters?) They were great dipped in lime juice with salt and pepper and complimented with a cold beer. Add in some crazy good fried eggrolls and me sitting in the shade at a picnic table with friends and well, yeah…bliss, I tell you.

Besides the grub, we got to chill and play games to the sounds of David and Teresa singing karaoke from inside the house. I got to play 3 rounds of badminton (sadly, only winning 1), met Kat’s dog Mochi, and we basically just hung out outside ’til dusk. Kat’s mom came home later that night and we sang happy birthday and everyone ate green cake. Meanwhile, I ate a bowl of lychee, coconut, and jackfruit with milk.

I guess this ends the trifecta of July INFO birthdays (although Kevin I owe you some sort of extravaganza…or maybe a drink). In any case, I must say, it still holds true: Kat throws the best parties. =)

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Now it’s Sunday and I’ve successfuly spent an entire day at home. Ryan was over for a bit and I got to test my new breakfast-quesadillas on him. Have now been just hanging out with Jules getting things done around the condo. Anyhoo, time to bizounce. Supposed to meet Angie and Cynthia at Golden Gardens for yet another picnic. Gosh, what a lot of time in the sun. I haven’t been this brown in forever. o_O

  1. I have to agree the BBQ was a good time. Don’t worry about a b’day extravaganza… a beer will do fine :)

    • Kat
    • August 2nd, 2005 10:17am

    Yeahaa! I *do* throw the best parties. Glad everyone enjoyed it.

    • tom p
    • August 3rd, 2005 1:13am

    i love oysters, tabasco and beer! yum

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