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Paul’s Birthday Dinner

From last night at Marcello’s:

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Yay Chinatown

As many of you know, I now work in International District. And as such, I eat out a lot. It’s pretty freakin’ sweet. I mean, I imagine that one day I’ll tire of the cheap, delicious, plethora of Asian cuisine I have to choose from everyday. But for now it seems pretty inconceivable.

Usually during my lunch hour I go out to eat with my co-workers. We ocassionally hit up a burger or sandwich joint in Pioneer Square, which is also nearby, but more often than not I find myself in the streets of Chinatown trying out a new restaurant.

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Fourth of July Weekend

Jules! Here’s that Fourth of July weekend entry you were lookin’ for:

Fourth of July weekend was pretty cool. Muy long. On Friday, basically got out of the office after lunch and went to a work team building event. So Friday was a pretty chill night hanging out with the co-workers playing Catchphrase and Mafia, and then later hitting up Sport by the Needle.

Saturday I spent most of the day at Capoeira practice. Man do those practices run long. I feel guilty because I haven’t gone all week since then, but we’ll see how this week goes. Later that night Ryan and I met up with David and Sean to look for a Korean BBQ joint. led me to the Crossroads Mall food court, so we ultimately aborted mission and had dinner at a Chili’s in Bellevue. Good fooding. I spent the rest of the evening admiring some pie charts I made in Microsoft Money and reading Harry Potter. Woo wee.

IMG_5638Sunday it was sunny out so Ryan and I went out and decided to walk along the waterfront downtown. Parking was insane though and so we ended up parking on a hill in International District where I got to point to the building I work in. Anyway, it was nice to be out. Ryan took photos along the way and I bought myself a strawberry lemonade and some yellow lilies. Later that night, Jules and I went out to dinner and checked out Pomodoro on Eastlake.

Dinner at Pomodoro was pretty sweet and the I look forward to going there again. The great food and wine was even better because we got to use the Entertainment Book discount. I’d write more about this restaurant, but I’ve noticed the more I like something, the harder it is for me to write anything more descriptive than me alternating between the words “great”, “awesome”, and “really cool”. I really need to work at that.

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Only 14 Days

So it’s a mere 14 days til Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is released and oddly enough, I’m not really excited about it. Even Ryan noted that I hadn’t even posted the date on my July calendar. In contrast, for the previous book release, I counted down the hours and pre-ordered my book a month in advance. Whereas this time around, I completely forgot it was coming out this month.

Reasoning it’s been over two years now, I pulled the fifth book off my bookshelf with the intent of re-reading it. It’s been a few weeks now and I am yet to open it. (However, this could be totally attributed to my unwillingness to re-experience that insufferable Umbridge character.) Nonetheless, I’m perplexed at my lack of excitement. (Where has the magic gone?) Oh well. I’m still planning on being a complete nerd and hitting the upcoming midnight release party at a B&N. I’m sure I’ll get hyped up once the book is in my hand. Hopefully.