Ahoy there. I haven’t been writing as often as I’d like but I haven’t really made time to sit and visit my Internet haunts much, let alone update my blog. I thought life after school was supposed to be filled with more down time but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how happenin’ things have been. I also blame long summer days that are filled with possibility.

Usually after work I spend about twenty minutes at home before bouncing out to either (1) go out with friends, (2) attend Capoeira practice, or (3) walk over to Ryan’s. I then come home late, stay up for an hour or two before hiting the hay. So yes, time at home is even less than it was when I was in college, which is hard to believe. I do ocassionally feel the urge to write more, to stay still more. (Hah, more like do laundry more.) But the sentiment is usually fleeting.

Note distance between self and book.

So what’s been going on.. Let’s see, I finished Harry Potter. I’ve been asked that a lot lately. Everyone who hasn’t read the books has asked me if I’ve finished it; everyone who reads the books has been asking me what day I finished. In short, it took me four days, which meant a lot of late nights up reading, sitting at bus stops reading, walking while reading. (Well maybe not the latter…often). I finished Book 5 hours before I started Book 6 which was actually pretty cool because everything was still fresh in my mind. However, it also meant I was slightly sleep-deprived, had Harry Potter all up in my head for about two weeks and started using words like “nutter” and “rubbish”. As for how it was, I know better than to spoil anything. It’s been no secret since Rowling start writing it that someone was going to die at the end though. The above photo to your left says it all. I’ll leave it at that.

Ryan’s parents were in town last weekend! So that was pretty cool, Saturday we all went out to The Oceanaire where I had halibut cheeks (win). The following evening on Ryan’s birthday we went to Daniel’s Broiler where I had prawn pancetta. Last time I had had it was on my birthday at Mama Melinas. I’ve realized that I really appreciate long dinners, the type that stretch for two or three hours and include multiple sets of food coming out from appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, desserts, to coffee. (And wine dispersed in between there doesn’t hurt either). I enjoy meals as an event and this weekend was filled with them. Muy fun. Anyhoo, fooding aside, it was nice to see Mike and Cindy again. =) (HellO!)

Me & Ryan

Ryan’s birthday weekend was pretty eventful. The day before I perused downtown loooking for boy’s presents and spent all day shopping. Photo blog of new tote bag coming soon. On his actual birthday we went out to Golden Gardens for a picnic with the INFO crew. So that was cool to have everyone together sitting on Ryan’s new picnic blanket munching on everything from chow mein to fried chicken. Thanks everyone for coming out! And props to the crew for potluck’ing. Might have to do that again sometime soon.

Photoset from Ryan’s Birthday @ Golden Gardens

So yeah. Long hours in the sunshine, good food, and great company. This week has been crazy busy due to project at work that’s taking me forever to get through due to my newbness, but am almost there. Tuesday’s Capoeira practice was had at Greenlake. It was pretty cool to practice barefoot in the grass by the lake til the sun went down. And no, I still don’t have a “Capoeira name” yet, the details of said process are still hazy to me. Wednesday I went out with people from work to Garage Billiards. Pretty sweet place if you’re into bars, bowling alleys, and/or pool tables. Afterward I took a cab home and spent the entire ride talking to the driver about the UI of his little information system that told him where to pick me up, haha. Yes.

Today was pretty laid back. Was productive at the office, went out to Ocean City Noodle House with the co-workers, and then after work I walked to Ryan’s and he cooked pork chops! He thinks he overcooked them but I kinda liked it because it reminded me of lechon.

Okay, I hope that was enough babbling for now. Maybe I’ll fix this entry up later. I have a busy day tomorrow at work.

    • jules
    • July 29th, 2005 7:38am

    hahahah, you blogged!!!! yes!!!! Er…the highlight of my week was that i got chased by a crazy Portland squirrel.

  1. You have a blog? What’s this?! har har

    • Andrew
    • July 29th, 2005 9:30pm

    hum… write more!!! yeah, exactly… =P

  2. Definitely not the bad kind of busy. =)

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