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It was really gorgeous out today. Hooray for summers in Seattle. Today during the usual lunch hour, I went out with my co-workers to Chinoise to celebrate a birthday. I was excited because I’ve always wanted to try the place because it looked so nice but I was promptly disappointed. The service was pretty terrible. And it was in the upsetting/irritating-kind of way. As opposed to the “Sweet, now I don’t have to tip”-sort of way. Plus nothing about the food seemed special, you could get the same stuff at the Uwajimaya food court for far less.

So after I had some spider rolls, which were quite possibly the worst I’ve ever had, a couple of us went back to Uwajimaya for some ice cream before heading back to the office. While sitting at my desk, I discovered that it’s surprisingly difficult to eat an ice cream cone and simulatneously use a computer. I had taro. It really made up for lunch.

Got home and took a longer than intended power nap, promptly got up, ate some rice and went off to Capoeira. Class was good. Didn’t even look at the clock once. Came home at 10 with head buried in Harry Potter. I don’t even know why I’m still reading Book 5 when I know I won’t be able to reread it all in time for Friday’s release, but I have simply just gotten into it. (Am on page 424 of 870.) I’ve even started reading it on the bus. Which is curious, I usually refuse to read in moving vehicles because it makes me dizzy. Oh, exceptions.

    • jules
    • July 13th, 2005 11:35pm

    you updated! Thanks!

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