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This sudden bout of fall weather makes me want Ivar’s.

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A Shirt from Disneyland

I <3 Grumpy Guys

Har har har.

The Latest

Well, I’ve been meaning to update but haven’t made the time to, so here goes. I’ll start with last Thursday cause that seems like a good place to start. Thursday was Naruto night at my place and David, Teresa, and Tho came over after work. We made pasta, I learned a new way to cook salmon, and then I showed everyone how to make my super special garlic Pilsbury biscuits. The name is pretty self-explanatory. The new salmon? I think I’m naming it salmon de shake ‘n bake. Oh it’s gourmet, I tell you. Anyway, so after the food was made (and David complained a lot), we ate dinner at the table, talked about our day, and then watched Naruto! (I like Gara now.) We watched a few episodes until we all got sleepy and they went home.

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See You Later Dinners

After work today, Casey and I went went out to dinner. She leaves home to Germany tomorrow so we made plans to hang out. I wanting to take advantage of the Entertainment Book and Casey wanting honey walnut prawns, we set out to my favorite Ho Ho Seafood Resaturant in Chinatown. It was pretty spectacular. Yeah, Chinese food like this makes my heart happy, haha. We had honey walnut shrimp, sizzling rice seafood soup, and garlic green beans with pork, and steamed rice. It’s funny how easily I forget the delectability of honey walnut prawns. Gosh. Good stuff.

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Credit Card Recs?

What kind of credit card(s) do you use?

Currently I have an MBNA Barnes & Noble Mastercard. One of the things that drives me nuts about it is how crappy the interface is when I access my account online. It takes me forever to find my account balance which is usually in small print buried between lines of account information (whereas my “Available Credit” is always prominently displayed at the top of every page). Plus the online statements don’t show how each transaction increments my account balance, the finance charges are in xx-small font, and the online payment system takes 5-6 business days to process. Gah.

The one redeeming factor was the fact that it was a Barnes & Noble card and I got a $10 B&N gift certificate in the mail every month. But recently, that feature has suddenly ceased and my MBNA Barnes & Noble Mastercard is now a Bank of America-MBNA Mastercard. Boo that.

As such, I’m cancelling it soon but don’t know which credit card to go for. So if anyone is particularly jazzed with the benefits of their card (and/or its corresponding web access), feel free to share conmigo. Thanks!

Keep Clam!

I learned how to cook clams tonight. And it was very very good.