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The Week! The Week!

(I think the exclamation marks in my title are extraneous, but I sorta like it.)

Mm it’s been an eventful week. Currently home at my parent’s house where my Mom made steaks and my Dad made his usual bananas foster. Yum. Funny I am always so super munchie when I’m here. This is only the second time I’ve been home since graduation, it’s good to be here. But rewind to Monday.

Monday after work I took the trolley to meet up with Ryan and Trevor at their work. While I get excited at any chance to ride the trolley, I forgot how slow—er, I mean leisurely it goes and how badly it shakes. Regardless, it was still a pretty ride along the waterfront.

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Farmer’s Market

DSC01967Today I went to the Farmer’s Market on Broadway. It was by chance actually; got off the bus heading nowhere in particular, saw a sign and wandered around until I found it. Think cloudless sky, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and lots of puppies. (No, really.) After purchasing some flowers and a berry-looking bun, I sat near two guys on guitar and bagpipes for quite some time, just listening to their music.

As I sat there I spotted a little boy sitting amongst the buckets of flowers his parents were selling. As soon as they weren’t looking, he’d grab a flower, ferociously rip off the petals and then toss them up in the air, craning his neck back so his face looked skyward as the petals fluttered down onto his smiling face.

2-Year Tunnel Closure

Goodbye Metro Tunnel.


You have served me well.

What Filipino Food Are You?

Which Filipino Food Are You?
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Kutsinta: A sticky rice cake that is served for dessert.


A Sorta Girly Night

After work I headed over to Ohana in Belltown to have dinner/Happy Hour with Ang before she leaves back home to Portland Friday. I really like Ohana. It’s really an ambiance thing though. Not that the food isn’t good, but I really appreciate the Polynesian theme, hanging lanterns, and blacklight-lit flowered ceiling that gives a great feel to the place. Eventually Jules, April, and Sarah arrived and we spent nearly two hours there hanging out.

April wanted to try sake for the first time and we didn’t stop her. While testifying to its rubbing-alcohol smell and my decision to never try it, she convinced me to at least take a sip. And I liked it, ha. Ironically though, it smelled better than it tasted. I guess you never really know. Yay sharing.

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Seen A Lot of Faces

I just got off the phone with my Shixiong. I called to congratulate him in hearing the news that he would be attending an accupuncture school up here in Seattle. Already just proud that he got in, I found out that he moved from Bremerton to Seattle a couple of days ago. In fact, only a mile or two away from me even! Ha, wow I am still taken aback. And well, happy. Sometimes I feel like back home people always talk about the things they’re going to do one day, but then it only amounts to talk. Not that I thought this necessarily would, but it’s funny how after a year, the exact thing he was talking about is a reality. I’m happy for him, hopefully we’ll get to kick it sometime next week.

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