A Sorta Girly Night

After work I headed over to Ohana in Belltown to have dinner/Happy Hour with Ang before she leaves back home to Portland Friday. I really like Ohana. It’s really an ambiance thing though. Not that the food isn’t good, but I really appreciate the Polynesian theme, hanging lanterns, and blacklight-lit flowered ceiling that gives a great feel to the place. Eventually Jules, April, and Sarah arrived and we spent nearly two hours there hanging out.

April wanted to try sake for the first time and we didn’t stop her. While testifying to its rubbing-alcohol smell and my decision to never try it, she convinced me to at least take a sip. And I liked it, ha. Ironically though, it smelled better than it tasted. I guess you never really know. Yay sharing.

After “appetizers” and some udon soup, the desserts we had were pretty fantastic. Sarah had a mango creme brulee, April had tempura coconut ice cream and Jules & Ang shared a flaming bananas foster. Yeah, I tasted. Anyhoo, it was neat evening sitting around chatting with the girls, munching on a dozen different pan-Asian treats, having drinks in Belltown.

Then Jules and I went home and watched TV together in front of the fireplace. Aaaaw.

In other news, today during my lunch break I went on a mission to find sesame balls filled with red bean paste. Needless to say it was rather impulsive. After looking in three Asian bakeries, I gave up and walked to Tai Tung and did what I should’ve done in the first place, requested sesame balls from the bar like my Dad taught me. It was funny to walk in to have all the old Asian men in the room stop their chatter and look up at me who was clearly out of place. I walked up to the counter and chimed, “Two sesame balls, please?” and watched as they all smiled and broke into laughter. Oh it was so worth it though.

Another fun-filled food entry. I need to learn to start these entries sooner.

    • Jules
    • September 22nd, 2005 12:46pm

    you forgot to add the part where we spooned =P

    • Ryan
    • September 22nd, 2005 9:39pm

    Aww crap.

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