Farmer’s Market

DSC01967Today I went to the Farmer’s Market on Broadway. It was by chance actually; got off the bus heading nowhere in particular, saw a sign and wandered around until I found it. Think cloudless sky, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and lots of puppies. (No, really.) After purchasing some flowers and a berry-looking bun, I sat near two guys on guitar and bagpipes for quite some time, just listening to their music.

As I sat there I spotted a little boy sitting amongst the buckets of flowers his parents were selling. As soon as they weren’t looking, he’d grab a flower, ferociously rip off the petals and then toss them up in the air, craning his neck back so his face looked skyward as the petals fluttered down onto his smiling face.

    • OlletanOOk
    • September 25th, 2005 11:28pm

    THANK YOU AGAIN!!! the cupcakes were very scrumptious too. :P

    Oh, and I just thought I’d tell ya….meebo is the most coolest thing ever in the history of cool (although you’re right up there too). I’ve been playing with it for about 17 minutes now, and I can’t stop. Hooray for computers!

    -your favorite closet n.e.r.d.

    • Greg
    • September 26th, 2005 6:08am

    That kid’s going to become a klepto.

    • Manny
    • September 26th, 2005 1:45pm

    Great description of the boy throwing the pedals up in the air. It was very ‘novelish.’ =P

    • Jamie
    • September 26th, 2005 8:12pm

    Haha thanks. I left the part out where then another puppy walked by me right after that. And then a little girl walked up to me and was like “You have pretty flowers, I’m this many years old.” It was like the place was teeming with rainbows and lolipops. :P

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