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This Monday

After attempting to write this entry in Pirate (in honor of Talk-like-a-Pirate Day), I’ve given up and have discovered a new-found empathy for a pirate’s inability to truly express himself verbally. I managed to write most of my personal e-mails today in Pirate though (just ask Kat or Ang), I think that counts for something. Not much. But something.

Today was a long day at work. All you gots to know is two words: critical path. But I can’t really complain too much. I had my Monday morning blueberry bagel and got to see the layout of the new office we’re moving to next month. My Pilates-lunch buddies cancelled today and so instead of “working my core”, I spent my lunch hour eating the usual pad thai, cashew chicken, steamed rice combo from Uwajimaya. Such a deal.

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Me Near Alki

IMG_6003, originally uploaded by rprins.

What Sunday’s Are For

DSC01929Well today was a pretty chill Sunday. It’s been a fairly long week and today was finally that chance to sleep in and lay back. I was feeling worn out from the series of early mornings, Capoeira practices, and the week at work in general. I had been looking forward to Sunday’s arrival. So today I bummed around with Ryan at his place for the first half of the day, reading, surfing the Interwebs, sitting. Great stuff. Then sunshine drew us out and we drove over to West Seattle for some vistas and found some around Alki and Lincoln Park. Ryan got a chance to take photos with his new lens and I got a chance to sit by the water in the sun. Afterward we went to the Rusty Pelican for dinner. It was a real nice Sunday.

I haven’t been updating this blog as often as I usually do. Have been feeling unmotivated to do so as of late. That, and I spend all my personal Internet time on MySpace now, lol. Despite it’s bad design it’s been addicting. I enjoy messaging old friends, checking my comments, viewing photos and writing what I’m up to. Which leaves me to ask, are you in my extended network? Har har.

To catch up: Labor Day weekend was great. I got to do quite a bit of Capoeira, went out with friends and spent time with Ryan and his mom who was up here visiting, so that was pretty cool. Vegas was well, Vegas. I really dig that city.

As mentioned, this week at work seemed long. Saturday was an early-start day as well with volunteer work in the morning at the Husky football game parking cars. But gots to do whatcha gots to do. Later that night Ryan and I went out to Mama’s in Belltown for dinner and then to Casey and Cynthia’s housewarming party. Good times. Their place is really cute and it looked smashing last night with the candles and everything. Cynthia even made truffles. Unfortunately the consumed quantities of cheddar cheese, chocolate truffles, and red wine in my stomach left me feeling pretty gross the next day. But the Sunday adventures were had regardless. In any case, that’s all for now, folks. Here’s to the week ahead. Happy Monday, everyone.

Labor Day

I should be going to bed so I’ll write on the weekend later…hopefully.

Today was a nice day. I mean, it started rough. I was still feeling sleep-deprived, achy, and was awoken by my neighbor’s bass this morning. But I stumbled groggily into Jules room where she invited me to brunch at Portage Bay Cafe with her, Austa, and Paul. Reasoning I’d feel less grumpy with food in me, I changed and we set off.

There, we had a short wait and a seat outside. Now, I’m not one for organic stuff. Not that I’m against the notion, I just don’t find the practicality in eating only organic foods. Okay, screw the practicality, you’d miss out on Corn Pops. And while yes, sometimes I think Ryan and I have a vendetta against all things organic (or is it hippie?), Portage Bay Cafe is organic and… it is good. Like really good. I had hot chocolate to keep me warm, shared some corned beef and eggs with Paul, and had a short stack of buttermilk pancakes.

DSC01851Now, you may think that all pancakes taste more or less the same, but not these pancakes. These are probably by far the best pancakes (with the special exception of IHOP’s pumpkin pancakes) I’ve ever tasted. They were so big and fluffy. I couldn’t even finish one. ONE. I got pwned by three-quarters of a pancake (topped with fresh berries and whipped cream)! And this is coming from a girl who has left Claim Jumper hungry. So brunch was good. In the end we all had leftovers. I am truly impressed.

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Hit n Miss, Eh?

Last night out with Angie, Jules, and Austa in Fremont at Red Door and the Ballroom

My earrings were heavy.

Night was fun, but crowd at The Ballroom was a bit…weird. It’s hard to explain. The two best pick-up lines of the night:

  1. So…how much have you donated to the Hurricane Relief Fund?
  2. You Filipino? I’ve been to Manila before.

Yeah. Much gratitude to Jules for the gallant saves.

Blue C with Koonatell0

Japanese cream puff

That seems like a good place to start. Thursday night Stephen and I went out to Blue C Sushi in U-Village for dinner. It was my first time at the U-Village location and it was pretty cool. It had been the longest time since I had sushi come at me a la conveyor belt and it’s a novelty I can appreciate. So yeah, good times were had, much sushi was consumed, and Stephen attempted for the second time to teach me how to make a chopstick holder. Afterward we went to Fireworks and looked up cool quotes. Next (after some birthday card-haxing) I walked over to Ryan’s to say hello and happy birthday to his mom and hung out there for a bit before walking back home.