Seen A Lot of Faces

I just got off the phone with my Shixiong. I called to congratulate him in hearing the news that he would be attending an accupuncture school up here in Seattle. Already just proud that he got in, I found out that he moved from Bremerton to Seattle a couple of days ago. In fact, only a mile or two away from me even! Ha, wow I am still taken aback. And well, happy. Sometimes I feel like back home people always talk about the things they’re going to do one day, but then it only amounts to talk. Not that I thought this necessarily would, but it’s funny how after a year, the exact thing he was talking about is a reality. I’m happy for him, hopefully we’ll get to kick it sometime next week.

Earlier today, while standing in the soon-to-be-closed metro tunnel, waiting for my bus home, someone stepped directly toward me obstructing my view. In the first split second I shifted left to get around him until I heard him say my name. Looking up I realized that standing in front of me was my homie Dan from Port Orchard who went to PLU. I had known he had recently gotten a job in Seattle after graduation near where I work, but last I heard he was living in Tacoma. I soon learned he had just recently moved to Seattle (quite near my condo) and we spent the rest of the bus ride catching up. I’ve known this guy since junior high when we met in youth group where he and his friends would tease me for my long last name, haha. It was funny to learn we ride the same bus routes and use the same bus stops. I couldn’t help think how neat it was that we ended up where we were; sitting side by side on the metro after work, noting how far we’ve come from our junior high days at St. Gabe’s.

So yeah, two surprises on one day. Fancy that.

Oh and on an unrelated note, muchas thanks to Ryan for making dinner tonight. It was an enduring wait for that pork roast, but good times, hehe. :D

(This blogging daily is on a trial run.)


    • Jules
    • September 20th, 2005 11:38pm

    keep blogging daily puhleeze =)

    • Greg
    • September 21st, 2005 6:20am

    I agree with Jules’s post.

    And lol @ your long last name

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