The Week! The Week!

(I think the exclamation marks in my title are extraneous, but I sorta like it.)

Mm it’s been an eventful week. Currently home at my parent’s house where my Mom made steaks and my Dad made his usual bananas foster. Yum. Funny I am always so super munchie when I’m here. This is only the second time I’ve been home since graduation, it’s good to be here. But rewind to Monday.

Monday after work I took the trolley to meet up with Ryan and Trevor at their work. While I get excited at any chance to ride the trolley, I forgot how slow—er, I mean leisurely it goes and how badly it shakes. Regardless, it was still a pretty ride along the waterfront.

Once we met up, we drove up to Aurora to meet Darrin and Bree at an Asian-themed restaurant (Red Crane?) inside a casino. Bree had a coupon that was soon to be expiring so we took advantage of it. My sushi wasn’t anything to write home about, but everyone else’s food looked great. And 50% off the final ticket? Shoot dawg.

Tuesday night I made dinner for Ryan and I and then later, went with Jules up to Casey and Cynthia’s apartment to hang out. Jules and I showed up wearing red clown noses. Jules brought Casey ice cream. I presented her with a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter. *ding*

Wednesday night I made dinner again! (Record!) I went over to Ryan’s and made shrimp quesadillas. That turned out well too. (Record!) Kony is back from Korea so it was cool seeing him around. Plus he gave me a Kakeshi keychain :D.

Then I took the bus up to my church for “Worship & Praise Night”. While I had been to these before, I had never been to a Catholic version. (We tend to do a lot of that solemn thing.) Perplexed, I checked it out and it ended up being pretty cool. It was very eclectic and consisted of the worship music from every Protestant/non-denominational service I’ve ever been to combined with some traditional (old school) Catholic prayers, intertwined with the usual readings and what not standard in any service. It was a good mix. Afterward, since I was already there, I attended the Wednesday night candlelight mass and ate a strawberry shortcake. As I walked home feeling happy about my night, I then realized I had left my keys at Ryan’s. Yeah that was fun. Okay not really, the walk from church to Ryan’s was a bit long. Then I fetched my keys and then walked again back home.

Thursday night I didn’t get home from work ’til 10PM. Yay end of quarter deadlines. But having the company of my co-workers and some expensed Chinese food for dinner, made a world of a difference.

Friday (today) I had Advanced Excel Training! Man… data validation, locking cells, worksheet auditing, haha. It was very enlightening, oh so much data manipulation potential. We even did a section on XML. *Does Terry Brooks hand motion*. For lunch we were taken out to Jaliscos, which was pretty cool. The day was fun; we managed to goof-off a bit to keep it interesting. I mean six and a half hours of Excel? “Select cell B4 to C4…” Gah. A person can only take so much without going mad with boredom.

After training I met up with Irene near the ferry terminal. Fall weather was full into effect and it had me hankering for some warm apple cider. So we met up at a cafe and did our usual catch-up for an hour before I caught my boat home. Once on the ferry I found my co-worker Ben who was commuting home, so I hung out with him and his girlfriend for the hour ride back. Then, while exiting the boat I ran into CA! Well, more like saw CA, and dodged in and out of people til I caught up with him and grabbed him by the arm. But same thing. :)

That’d be my week.

    • Jules
    • October 1st, 2005 8:14am

    nice update.

  1. oh the joy that is Excel

  2. intense…it rocked my socks off.

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