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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Will post tomorrow.

Chat with Elijah

I’m at my parents house right now, teaching Elijah (who’s now four-years old) how to play Bubsy II on Super Nintendo. He spent three minutes pushing B, yelling “Boing! Boing!” as he watched his character jump. Next up, we’re gonna go over how to move left and right.

Dad's 53rd BirthdayIt’s kinda funny cause this is the first time I’ve ever talked to this little boy who’s been at all my family gatherings, namely because he couldn’t/wouldn’t. I found him hiding under the bed in our computer room and eventually coaxed him to come out, betting him that he couldn’t hit my hand from where he lay. He then asked how I knew his name. I tried explaining to him that I’ve known him since he was a baby, but we’ve just never really had a chance to talk, but I think that just complicated the matter. :)

And as I look over, he’s given up on Bubsy II and is now dancing with a singing stuffed animal. He tells me he likes pumpkins and puppies and will be Batman for Halloween.

Failed Charity

I was walking home from work this afternoon, feeling rather dispirited, when I saw a woman walking towards me. I knew what she was going to ask before she came near, and given my mood at the time, I had an answer ready.

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Buster the Pumpkin

Ryan and I carved a pumpkin today! (Er, I helped scoop out the insides.) :)

Buster the Pumpkin

His name is Buster.

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Wide-Eyed and Awake

Maybe it was the orange-glazed cinnamon rolls this morning, but something today kept me wide awake all day. Not even a yawn at work this morning. I’ve just been running on high this Monday, but not in the hyperactive-way. Have just been wide awake in everything I’ve done, full of drive, focus, and all that ish. Anyone else ever have a day like this?

After staying a little after work, I went home to grab a bite before heading off to Capoeira. Jules was home from Oregon, so that was a nice surprise. Practice was good tonight. Chris even came and checked out the classes today! It was cool to see a familiar face. Was beaming with energy afterward despite the night’s exertions.

I finally found out what my Capoeira name means too, sorta. Coquino calls me Couriño. Tonight I finally asked him what it meant and he pointed to the brown top of the berimbau and said something that sounded like “couro”. I combined that with my knowledge that “-ino” means small, and you kinda get the idea. Not too sure on the spelling though, the above are the mere fruits of time spent querying online Portuguese-to-English dictionaries.

First Hold ‘Em Party

Last night Ryan had a poker gathering at his place and I decided to be daring and partake. I say daring, because prior to it I had never played with people before, save the one instance a few weeks ago when he sat down and taught me how to play. But as I do like a good card game, figured it’s about time I picked up on this.

Everyone filtered in around 7PM and as usual, it was really good to see the crew all in one room again. Kevin even came and brought me some pumpkin ale! (Which was actually pretty good.) The game itself was a lot of fun. Just good times with friends, some Kanye West, and um, winning. Yeah, hooray for beginner’s luck.

Everyone around the table
IMG_0374, originally uploaded by rprins.

Afterward we all went out to Red Robin for dessert where Ryan and I got owned by an excess of ice cream and caramel (stomachs were cold and full afterward) before calling it a night. Am looking forward to the next time we all get together. :)

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