Chat with Elijah

I’m at my parents house right now, teaching Elijah (who’s now four-years old) how to play Bubsy II on Super Nintendo. He spent three minutes pushing B, yelling “Boing! Boing!” as he watched his character jump. Next up, we’re gonna go over how to move left and right.

Dad's 53rd BirthdayIt’s kinda funny cause this is the first time I’ve ever talked to this little boy who’s been at all my family gatherings, namely because he couldn’t/wouldn’t. I found him hiding under the bed in our computer room and eventually coaxed him to come out, betting him that he couldn’t hit my hand from where he lay. He then asked how I knew his name. I tried explaining to him that I’ve known him since he was a baby, but we’ve just never really had a chance to talk, but I think that just complicated the matter. :)

And as I look over, he’s given up on Bubsy II and is now dancing with a singing stuffed animal. He tells me he likes pumpkins and puppies and will be Batman for Halloween.

    • Beth
    • October 28th, 2005 10:25pm

    I love little kids. :-)

    • koon
    • October 30th, 2005 4:37pm

    i love it.

    Thanks for making me smile today :D

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