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Death Cab for Cutie Concert

Hey if anyone is interested in attending the Death Cab for Cutie concert at the Paramount on Nov. 18th, let me know. Going with some co-workers and I have an extra ticket to sell.

Monday & New Digs

Today was our first day in the new office. So while I am sad that I am no longer in Chinatown, two blocks from Uwajimaya, I like our temporary Pioneer Square location. Today after work I was bumming around at home, repeatedly telling myself that today was the day I would get all the things done that I always mean to get done, but don’t. I was still feeling sick and thought it best not to go to Capoeira practice tonight, determined to make use of my first afternoon back.

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Last Few Days in NY

It feels good to be back in Seattle. The five-day-trip in NYC was a pretty awesome experience, but I can’t say it was not nice to have Ryan waiting for me outside at the airport and to be back home in the Emerald City.

I had flown into Newark around 2:30AM Wednesday night, by the time I had made it to my hotel in Manhattan, it was past 3AM. The planes had been delayed into Newark for hours due to thunderstorms. It wasn’t a great start since I had to be up early the next day for work and a client presentation. Oh rain, how you would further pwn me in the days to follow.

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In NYC on Business

View from hotel room

Coming Soon…


Safeway Members Discount

Apparently Safeway is giving 10% off all your purchases now through October 10th. At least that’s what my receipt tells me.