Wide-Eyed and Awake

Maybe it was the orange-glazed cinnamon rolls this morning, but something today kept me wide awake all day. Not even a yawn at work this morning. I’ve just been running on high this Monday, but not in the hyperactive-way. Have just been wide awake in everything I’ve done, full of drive, focus, and all that ish. Anyone else ever have a day like this?

After staying a little after work, I went home to grab a bite before heading off to Capoeira. Jules was home from Oregon, so that was a nice surprise. Practice was good tonight. Chris even came and checked out the classes today! It was cool to see a familiar face. Was beaming with energy afterward despite the night’s exertions.

I finally found out what my Capoeira name means too, sorta. Coquino calls me Couriño. Tonight I finally asked him what it meant and he pointed to the brown top of the berimbau and said something that sounded like “couro”. I combined that with my knowledge that “-ino” means small, and you kinda get the idea. Not too sure on the spelling though, the above are the mere fruits of time spent querying online Portuguese-to-English dictionaries.

    • Jamie
    • October 25th, 2005 12:03pm

    Update: Today am very, very tired. :P

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