Last Day in Nicaragua

Today is our last day in Nicaragua and I have seen much.

Sleeping on a mat on the floor in the orphan´s school, underneath the chalkboard where each night I pick the bugs out of my bed. Listening to the stories of men who participated in the revolution and fallout during the 80´s here. Sitting on the dirty tile floor at night to have the orphans crawl and compete to sit in my lap, craving to be held at night. Visiting a barrio so poor, you see home´s no bigger than a pantry, made of scrap metal, where children sleep in rags on the dirt floor. Walking into the last minutes of the funeral mass of one of the ministarios of the Nicaraguan President, only to see the poor people corner the politicians outside the Cathedral asking why they still have no food to feed their children. Traveling through Rivas, San Jorge, Masaya, Managua and Granada on the back of a truck, I have seen much.

There are so many stories to tell, don´t let me forget this when I return.

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