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Oh yay, brings me back to my Xanga days. Sweet.

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Food Poisoning

So this weekend I got food poisoning and man did it suck. Friday night and Saturday made for quite an affair. I couldn’t even hold down water. The worst was when it hit on Saturday around 5am and it went on every hour until nearly noon. My body was so sore and weak I basically laid on my side for most of the weekend. But I’m feeling quite a bit better now. No more fevers, and more importantly, no more throwing up. However, my stomach is still mighty sensitive and I’m yet to eat a meal that’s more than soup broth or a few crackers. That, and I think my stomach and I will be having some trust issues to overcome.

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Arrested Development

I can’t stop watching Arrested Development! Such great stuff. Only took me over a year to finally watch these DVDs Greg bought me…

A Cold Article

‘Tis the Season to Be Sickly – by Tamim Ansary

A pretty comprehensive, fun- filled article about colds. A definite recommended read. Man, do I dig fun facts. I can’t seem to pick a paragrpah to throw in a blockquote here, so you’ll just have to click through and see for yourself. Not all of it was completely new to me, but a pretty good article nonetheless.

My thanks to Trevor who got me Googling cold facts after his suggestion tonight that I take a shot of whiskey to soothe my sore throat.

And with that, Happy Friday, everyone.

While Walking to Work

Google refuses U.S. demand for search data – Microsoft, Yahoo! and AOL have complied

Nicaraguan Retrospect: Part 1

Here starts the much-delayed short series of stories from Nicaragua.

The Arrival

We arrived in the evening, Kevin, Aubrey, and I. I was nervous about customs, because we had a total of six bins with us, filled with donations for the orphans. “Regalos para los orfantos,” I repeated to myself when it became my turn to reach the front of the line. However, besides some confusion involving the inspection of some sunflower seeds we had with us, things went smoothly. Shawna, our coordinator, eagerly awaited us outside, and we loaded the back of a truck with our bins and luggage. It was hot and humid. And so began the two hour trip from Managua to San Jorge.

Despite the long drive, things passed quickly. We soon left the city into the rural area, onto the very bumpy pothole-ridden dirt roads of Nicaragua. I listened to Shawna and our driver, Don Ramon, speak in Spanish and was drowsily relieved as I understood their conversation. Street dogs ran across the road in the dark with an algorithm-like frequency, their skeletal bodies dashing in front of us at seemingly even intervals, reminding me of a video game. Our truck hit one and everyone in the truck cried out and became upset. As we drove on, I wondered why I was the only one who didn’t seem to care. Read more