Days Are Getting Longer

So the days are getting longer, albeit not much warmer, but it’s kinda nice getting off work and have it be daylight still. I’m ready for it to warm up around here.

Well, this weekend was pretty eventful and I went to some new places so figured it’s occasion to blog. I went out to Ohana Friday night with Irene and Chrysti. Traffic was pretty bad and after waiting for a bus stop on 1st for 15 minutes and still no show of a single bus, I followed the example of others around me and caught a cab to Belltown in order to not miss the them. Anyway, Ohana was good. The place is yet to disappoint me. I had nori wrapped mahi mahi over yakisoba with some hot sake on the side to help get warm on the windy wet day. That combined with friends made for good times. Later that night I went over and visited Ryan at his place.

Queen Mary's Tea HouseSaturday I went out to high tea! Yes, like the British sort. Val came over, Casey picked us up, and we were off to Queen Mary’s. I used to go to a tea house in Port Orchard with friends in high school now and again, for some reason never thought to do so in Seattle. This place was a bit different than I’ve been to though, it was very cozy and was jam packed with well, teapots, frill, and crowns. The place was nice except we were seated next to a neurotic woman who would constantly speak slow, loud, and condescendingly to her 92-year old mother. The place was cramped so it made things a bit awkward at times as this woman would turn around and include us in her conversation. Yeah. That aside, I had a few cups of darjeeling and a fruit tart. It was lovely.

Then later that night it was meatloaf (also lovely, in another kind of a way) at Ryan’s and we went back to my place where I finally watched the March of the Penguins. The next morning it was dim sum with Jules and her mom and uncle in Bellevue followed by my first trip to the C-C-C-ontainer Store! Gosh I had to be pulled out of there otherwise I’d spend everything on plastic boxes. Then I napped at home and met up with Stephen on the Ave for bubble tea. We went to this new pho place that was pretty nice and although my bubble tea came unexpectedly blended, it was still really good. As always, it was nice having a chat with k00natello. Afterward I walked down to Ryan’s and we went out to Claim Jumper where I got taken down by a biscuit covered in gravy. Yup. Then finally at 9PM I caught the last mass of the day at church where I got to see Lupe and Chris from my Nicaragua trip whom I don’t see too often. Anyway, that be my weekend.

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