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Extreme Makeover Snowman

Extreme Makeover Snowman. It really doesn’t get any better than this. Thank Ryan.

Washington Brewers Festival

Last weekend I went to the Washington Brewers Festival at the Seattle Center with Ryan and the gang to celebrate Darrin’s birthday. While I had been interested in going, I worried that it’d be crazy busy like the other Seattle festivals where you waddle shoulder to shoulder in a crowd (think Seattle Cheese Festival at the Market). The idea of me maneuvering through a crowd with a beer was just filled with clumsy possibilities.

However, it actually turned out to be pretty laid back. The weather was perfect–just sunny and warm, and there wasn’t a large crowd. The inside of the Fisher Pavilion, where the brewers were set up, was of course bustling, but it was not nearly as crowded as I thought. Overall it was just fun going back and forth from the lawn to the pavillion to try a cup of beer here and there and hang out with friends.

I had the chance to try out the following beers:

  • Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Co.’s Falls Hefeweizen
    The first beer I tried. Good. I like Hefeweizens so I couldn’t really go too wrong.
  • Anacortes Brewery’s Festival Lager and Hefeweizen
    These two were probably my favorite of the day, especially the Hef that tasted a little like bananas. The lager was just crisp and refreshing. (I’m trying really hard here to be descriptive, hah.)
  • Maritime Pacific Brewing Co.’s Old Seattle Lager
    Wasn’t a fan of this one. Just too bitter. Darrin and Ryan finished it off for me.

Washington Brewers FestivalSo there you have it. You’re probably wondering why I only tried four beers at a Brewers Festival. Well, I only purchased six “tastes” (tickets) and gave one to Darrin (can you say birthday present?). And to be honest, I can’t remember what the sixth ticket was used for! I want to say it was for a cider beer, but I’m not so sure. With that said, four tastes was more than enough for this light-weight.

It was a lot of fun and I think next year I’ll have to bring my Dad on Father’s Day Weekend.

Weekend in Vegas

“It’s the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time.”

Tallulah Bankhead, US movie actress (1903 – 1968)

Oh so that’s why I don’t write like I used to!

Ha, totally kidding. That aside, last weekend I went to Vegas. Ryan and I left Thursday afternoon and met up with the other Avanade guys and their SO‘s. We stayed at Treasure Island and all in all, it was a weekend bustling with buffets, blackjack, and a body wrap. Suprisingly, there wasn’t that much booze–my fourth expected B.

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Mini Fudge Lava Cakes

Mini Fudge Lava Cakes

Capstone Presentation @ UW

So tonight I went to this year’s Informatics Senior Capstone Presentation @ UW with Trevor, Ryan, David, Kevin, Darrin, and Sean. And I must say, it was a pretty fun evening. First it was just my usual joy at seeing familiar faces (including Tho To) and the usual suspects of the iSchool. As the program began, I spotted David M. from Atlas who I work with in Client Services and sat next to him and Trevor for the rest of the program. Later, I had the privilage to introduce David M. to some of the iSchool characters, geek out with Dowell about X-Men, scope out some projects, and welcome the two graduating seniors who will be joining Atlas this summer. That, and gab a lot. It felt much like wading in Informatics and reminded me of why I’m proud to have been a part of the program. It is not without its faults to be sure, but I really did enjoy my time in it and still enjoy being part of the extended iSchool community. In any case, it was a flurry of usability-this, interaction design-that, and many attempts of filling the “information gap”. Afterward, a handful of us went out to Ivar’s for Happy Hour, just like we did after our own Capstone Presentation.

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