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One Hot Summer Weekend

So it was one hot weekend to be sure. 90′s in Seattle? No thanks.

On Friday I took a ferry home to my parents house and spent the evening with family. I made cupcakes my cousins. Or rather, ate cupcakes my cousins made. My Dad even busted out the sparkling cider for the ocassion, hah. It was a nice chill night in PO. (Albeit I was panicky at first with nothing to do before cousin Mia showed up. ;))

The West Wing - The Complete Second SeasonSaturday I went to my Kung Fu studio early in the morning. This is the second weekend I’ve commuted back for class after almost a two-year hiatus. I finally decided to take one course there this summer: Knife Defense. It’s been very challenging but fun…we’ll see how this quarter goes. Afterward I went home to have lunch with my parents before taking a ferry back to Seattle. Once there, I met up with Ryan and we went geocaching! It was a lot of fun, but soon we were hot, exhausted, and hungry. We ended up going to Rusty Pelican in Wallingford for a pasta dinner and ended the night watching West Wing. We’re finishing up Season 2 right now. (No spoilers, please.)

On Sunday we went out to dim sum @ Purple Dot for Ryan’s birthday. (See previous entry.) And then left with Darrin and Bree to Safeco to watch the Red Sox game. It was our first game in sunny weather so that was really nice and our shade in the stands was great. So were the garlic fries. The game was actually the best we’ve seen so far and they actually won this time, so double plus. We had to leave a bit early though to return to the car, although it was starting to get wicked hot where we were anyway. Afterward we went on a Costco run and I got a haircut (which was refreshing after a day under the blazing sun). Later that afternoon we ended up getting some Red Robin to go and watched s’more West Wing. Good stuff.

Then Monday was Ryan’s real birthday (and a golden birthday at that) so we made use of his new grill and had a pretty sweet steak dinner, complete with potatoes, grilled corn on the cob, salad, and lava cakes. It was muy fantastico.

Now the weather’s thankfully cooled down. I have a feeling I’m going to melt though when I go to MN next week!

Purple Dot Cafe

Purple Dot CafeToday we went to the Purple Dot Cafe for dim sum to celebrate Ryan’s birthday (7/24) and it was pretty good. I tend to go to only two places in Intl. District for dim sum: House of Hong and Four Seas (mainly out of familiarity), so it was nice to try somewhere new.

We found out about the place by reading a LiveJournal thread re:dim sum and when I Googled the restaurant it seemed like everyone was writing good things about it. So here’s me joining the bandwagon. I had heard of it and passed it plenty of times but just assumed that it was another trendy Azn bubble tea joint. It wasn’t until I read about it that I learned it served food. Anyway, the food was real good and the wait staff was surprisingly attentive for a place in Chinatown in general. My favorite was the fried shrimp tofu. Between seven of us the total bill came out to $62, so another plus on being inexpensive. Would definitely go there again. Now let’s see if I can get my family to give it a try.

In other news, I’ve noticed when I feel the urge to write a review of something or place, it’s generally either positive or negative, and rarely in between. (Not to say I feel strictly hot and cold on all things, just otherwise I likely won’t be invoked to write). So, I’ve created a new category on my blog called, “me gusta” and its counterpart, “no me gusta“. Kinda like thumbs up. Kinda.

Tufte Nerd Out

“…the nature or matter of the Milky Way itself, which, with the aid of the spyglass, may be observed so well that all the disputes that for so many generations have vexed philosophers are destroyed by visible certainty, and we are liberated from wordy arguments.”

Galileo Galilei, Sidereus Nuncius (Venice, 1610).

As mentioned earlier, I attended a one-day course taught by Edward Tufte on Tuesday. I had been signed up for this training a few months in advance, but for some reason, it wasn’t until I arrived to the event that I began to realize he was one of those “Informatics-celebrities” I had read about in college. The course was titled “Presenting Data and Information” and it was hardly what I expected, but in the best sort of way.

The course emphasized the importance in visualizing data in its ability to reveal truth. This is the type of stuff I get excited about. (Well, information dissemination in general, really.) This is why I like usabilty in how it enables users the get information they want, why I tear out cool charts from magazines, or why I love learning about a new way someone’s conveyed information visually (think tag cloud, sparklines, etc.). Essentially, this is what makes me an INFO-nerd.

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Fourth of July Weekend

I always start writing blog entries and then never post them. My list of drafts saved in WordPress testifies to this. I don’t think it’s perfectionism, but I will admit though that I spend an odious amount of time on my blog entries, regardless of how trivial the subject matter, ultimately deciding to “finish is later”. Right. So, I’ve decided to make a concentrated effort to try and be better about clicking that Publish button. Besides, what good is a blog that is not regularly updated? So with that, here goes…

Fourth of July Weekend

The four-day weekend was awesome and much needed. Unfortunately Ryan was out of town for most of it, but the show went on. ;) Friday night started it off with a night out with some of the Atlas team and Stephen at Ruby’s and later Kai’s. This was followed by a sung ka smackdown where I beat Stephen by one shell.

Out at Kai's
Me and Stephen running into Kony at Kai’s

Saturday was chill day at the condo (don’t do that all too often) followed by an outing on Aurora with Trevor and Ly to Ivar’s, Home Depot, and later Target. I bought more flowers. Then I went home to make cupcakes with Jules. Or rather, eat cupackes Jules baked. It was one nice, simple, summer day.

Ivar's Crayon Art
Our coloring table at Ivar’s. Don’t mess with us.

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Edward Tufte Course

I went to an Edward Tufte seminar today at the Westin for work. I completely geeked out; it was a lot of fun. More on this later (after I consult my notes).

Tired of the Pike

Yesterday I went to the Pike Pub and Brewery with some co-workers. Interestingly enough, this is probably the fourth time I’ve gone there where it took 30-40 minutes for our food to arrive. Not to mention it’s the third time they’ve been out of their Pike Weiss beer. I like their food and all, but I grow weary of the place. They also refuse to split checks, so a neg on my list for a group-dining option. Was just thinking yesterday at lunch I need to write this down before I find myself there again…waiting.