Fourth of July Weekend

I always start writing blog entries and then never post them. My list of drafts saved in WordPress testifies to this. I don’t think it’s perfectionism, but I will admit though that I spend an odious amount of time on my blog entries, regardless of how trivial the subject matter, ultimately deciding to “finish is later”. Right. So, I’ve decided to make a concentrated effort to try and be better about clicking that Publish button. Besides, what good is a blog that is not regularly updated? So with that, here goes…

Fourth of July Weekend

The four-day weekend was awesome and much needed. Unfortunately Ryan was out of town for most of it, but the show went on. ;) Friday night started it off with a night out with some of the Atlas team and Stephen at Ruby’s and later Kai’s. This was followed by a sung ka smackdown where I beat Stephen by one shell.

Out at Kai's
Me and Stephen running into Kony at Kai’s

Saturday was chill day at the condo (don’t do that all too often) followed by an outing on Aurora with Trevor and Ly to Ivar’s, Home Depot, and later Target. I bought more flowers. Then I went home to make cupcakes with Jules. Or rather, eat cupackes Jules baked. It was one nice, simple, summer day.

Ivar's Crayon Art
Our coloring table at Ivar’s. Don’t mess with us.

Sunday after mass and a nap I ran some errands (i.e. bought a metro pass and comic books). Jules then hosted a pretty impressive dinner party, so spent a nice warm evening dining with the usual suspects followed by reading on the veranda. Very chill day.

Jules' Dinner Party
Taylor and Case cleaning in the kitchen after dinner

Monday I met up with my friend Clint from high school whom I hadn’t seen in two years. We met up downtown for sushi and general catching up for a few hours before joining Jules for Happy Hour at Contour. Later that evening, it was Capoeira class and then off to the airport to pick up Ryan.

Me and Clint Downtown
Me and Clint downtown

Tuesday rolled around and Ryan and I spent the Fourth visiting my aunt who was holding a party at a nearby hotel before going to Dan and Jessica’s place with the rest of the INFO crew. There we played a lot of XBox 360…together. Then it was up to their roof to view the Lake Union fireworks. It really was an awesome view, each year we seem to find ourselves in a better spot.

Fourth of July '06
The INFO crew on a rooftop by Lake Union. Check out the mad camera action.

Anyway, since then it seems like July has flown by, albeit in an eventful sort of way. Perhaps more on this later.

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    • Jules
    • July 20th, 2006 11:45pm

    Yes, you did eat the cupcakes I made…but you forget that you frosted them =D

    • koonatello
    • July 22nd, 2006 9:31pm

    you cheat! i distinctly remember you “dropping” a shell “on accident” on the floor, that ended up in your pile. BAH. Thus:

    1) i demand a recount. and yes, i can demand a recount two weeks later.

    2) i challenge you to a rematch. the winner takes all match. the pinnacle of all sung ka matches, ever in the history of the world.

    3) can you handle it? :)

    i love your papasan chair.

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