Back from Minnesota

Last Thursday Ryan and I left to Minnesota to visit his family and attend his cousin’s wedding. It was a really great trip and it’s weird to be back already since it seemed to fly by. Most of the time was spent hanging out with family, eating really good food, and doing things outside.

Minnesota: Day 1The first day we were there (after thoroughly sleeping in) we went out to Famous Dave’s BBQ, so that was tasty. And then it was off to the real venture of the day: The Minnesota Zoo. My favorite animal was this ape. Ryan’s were the prairie dogs. (We somehow missed the giraffes though.) Then later that night I got to meet a bunch of Ryan’s family at Wildfire where we had dinner with the whole gang.

Minnesota: Day 2 - AJ & Heather's WeddingSaturday was AJ’s wedding day, so besides a quick Target run (they’re everywhere over there), the day was spent at that. It was a really nice wedding and lots of ATD in the decor. It was a general good time and I think that was the first time dancing with Ryan (after two years) so that was nice. :) Later that night we went out to a casino with his brother Kyle where I won $15 in blackjack. Yeah, hard core.

Sunday was a pretty chill day where we woke up to go to church and then had brunch at a place where you get a complimentary caramel cinnamon roll. Needless to say, pretty awesome. The rest of the day was loafing around the house and napping (what Sundays are made for) followed by a dinner with more relatives.

Minnesota: Day 4 - Fort SnellingMonday was our final full day there so after breakfast we went out to Fort Snelling. I’m a sucker for anything historical and it looked interesting so we went despite the fact that Ryan’s been there a half dozen times. After watching a canon demonstration and making our way around there, we left to Minehaha Falls State Park–to go geocaching!

Minnesota: Day 4 - Minehaha FallsThat was pretty awesome, it was multi-cache with 9 coordinates and a bit of math to find it, climbing up and down the park’s stairs for two hours. (Well, we did have a Dairy Queen break in between.) It was a good cache and we later went to grab one at a park by his parents’ house which wasn’t as enjoyable and involved me getting lots of bug bites. Then it was dinner with the family and off to the airport! Talk about a flurry.

It was a good trip and am already looking forward to the next time we’re out there.

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    • Ryan
    • August 11th, 2006 10:13am

    Yes, fun times indeed. Next time you’ll be back when it’s really cold. Yes!

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