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Volunteer Day @ Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity in TacomaToday I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity for the first time, through an event sponsored by my company. It made for a very early Saturday morning, but it was actually pretty cool. I went with Lesley and we got staffed on a project to build stairs up to two of the Habitat houses. Other projects on the site today included painting, putting up a wall in a backyard, working on a roof, and building tool sheds. Albeit I’m not exactly your ideal concrete block carrier, but it was amazing how much work got done with so many hands. It was also just interesting to learn more about Habitat as an organization.

What always gets me on volunteer projects are the people you come across. Today it was the project leaders with their construction expertise and patience with us office-acclimated volunteers (I mean, try directing two analysts and an accountant to build the top of a stairwell, hah). Or actually seeing one of the families who lived in the house next door peek their heads out of their own Habitat home. Or hearing about the couple who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by sponsoring the particular house we were working on, and still made it out to work on the site. It’s always about the people.

Also there, Habitat was presented with a check for $10,000 from aQuantive, which was pretty neat and unexpected from us. We still don’t know who provided our snacks and lunch (it looked very home-cooked, possibly from the church group who worked with us?). However, I did learn that the coffee laid out was donated by a local Starbucks, making this my second aQuantive sponsored-volunteer day with Starbucks contributions present (the first was at the Cheery Street Food Bank).

Anyway, after today’s work I’m pretty exhausted. I spent the rest of my Saturday cleaning off the dirt, hanging out at Ryan’s, eating pasta, and watching West Wing on his computer. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

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Hiroshi’s on Eastlake

Ryan and I went to Hiroshi’s on Eastlake for the first time tonight. It wasn’t what I expected, but in the good sort of way. I had figured it was just a small teriyaki joint, similiar to what you’d find on the Ave, only to walk into a restaurant warm with color, bustling with people, and live jazz playing. (Yeah, Fridays are “Sushi and Jazz Nights”, who would’ve thought?) Anyway, the place is more cozy than it is small, the food was pretty good, and it just had a lively atmosphere. The service was a tad slow, but given how busy it was, it was pretty reasonable. Food-wise, I really liked the yellow tail and green onion roll. Given it’s proximity and good first impression, we just may have found a new sushi place to frequent.

In other news, I’ve realized how much I usually blog about places I’ve eaten at and have begun wondering if I should aggregate this somewhere other than here. While it’s nice to write a blog post here or there, it’d be nice to either flush out my neglected CitySearch profile or take up writing in Judy’s Book. I haven’t quite decided what I want to do yet though.

Tangent aside, Hiroshi’s = Thumbs up.

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Wednesday Night at Chopstix

David's 23rd Birthday

Last Wednesday was David’s birthday, so we went out and played several mean games of five-on-five Whirlyball and then gathered at Chopstix, the dueling piano bar in Queen Anne. It was my first time there and it made for a fun weeknight. (That, and they had some pretty wicked cheesy waffle fries.) Anyway, Teresa and I want to check out their Trivia Night sometime soon, so let me know if interested.

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Frankie Starr

Tuesday night I saw my brother rap two sets at Studio 7 with his two groups, N.I.C.E. and his band. The video above is the beginning of my favorite song of the night. All the guys did a great job performing and it was a bit surreal to see Frankie on stage for the first time. Sure beat the tap dance recitals he had to sit thru of mine when growing up, hah. Anyway, thanks to Julian, Chris, and Irene for coming out with me. It was a good show.

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