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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, folks!

Paki the Pumpkin
Paki the Pumpkin, a Jamie-design, Ryan-carved creation

Also thanks to everyone who made it out to my Roaring 20′s Halloween party tonight. :) More photos coming soon. And now, back to Wednesday.

Week of 10/15-10/22

Last week was pretty eventful and chipper. Haven’t done this in a while, so here’s a daily log:

Monday night after work Ryan made dinner and we ate together before I left to Capoeira. I usually get off work too late to do anything before practice, so it was a nice exception.

Tuesday night I cooked fried rice and met up with Val to attend a Stroum series lecture at UW by Dr. Schiffman, titled “God, Humanity and the Universe in the Dead Sea Scrolls”. It was brief but insightful, with standing room only in the HUB auditorium.

Shrimp Boil!Wednesday night Ryan came over, I made a shrimp boil, and we watched the Top 50 Most Devasting [Sports] Hits on TV. Wham. Val then came and made her weekly visit.

Thursday night was Irene & Chrysti’s show at Nectar. Since her set wasn’t until late, I had dinner over at Ryan’s and bummed around there first before heading back to my place.

Hungry Pines at Nectar From there, I met up with Julian and Val and we drove down to Fremont for the show. I had never been to Nectar before and it had a nice atmosphere. We sat outside under heat lamps, which I’ve been having a growing affinity for as of late in this cool fall weather. They had a good show and it was nice night out. Read more

Frankie Starr @ Chop Suey Tuesday

My little bro is headlining at Chop Suey Tuesday night (10/24). Come on out. Let me know if you’re interested.

Frankie Starr at Chope Suey  - Tuesday 10/24 8pm

Chocolati? Check

Chocolati in Wallingford
Jules and Taylor standing inside Chocolati in Wallingford

Last night, driven by impulse and the prospect of a decadent dessert, Jules, Taylor, and I went out to Chocolati in Wallingford. None of us had been before, but we had heard a lot about it, so this was our chance to check it out. Known for their infamous hot chocolates, we each decided to get one. I picked the classic “house” version, Taylor chose a raspberry-chocolate blend, and Jules went for the dark chocolate.

“Oh my God,” basically sums up what it’s like to have your first sip of a Chocolati hot chocolate. And well, every sip thereafter, really. All three cocoas were devastatingly good. Taylor’s raspberry-chocolate was my favorite, reminding me of Seattle Chocolate’s raspberry cream truffles. Jules’ drink (if you could call it that) was so thick we reasoned that if she let it cool, it would harden in her cup. “I think I can chew mine,” she said between gulps. We left dizzy, our throats lined with chocolate, and ready to crash. It was really somethin’ else.

The West Wing - The Complete Fourth SeasonCurrently Watching
The West Wing – The Complete Fourth Season

Nauseating Ride Home

Sitting across from me on the bus was an overweight woman, wearing black velvet pants and a hooded sweatshirt. She sat beside a round-faced, blond-haired teenage girl, who was murmuring about her recent pregnancy. I had stayed later than usual at the office and found myself on this non-express route. The bus was packed and it was standing-room-only before we left downtown.

Soon, a skinny, black, adolescent boy stopped and stood near where we sat, unable to find an open seat. The pregnant teen began to gag and her velvet-pant companion rolled her eyes in agreement. “Oh God do you smell that?” one exclaimed, as they both grimaced, holding their hands to their mouths, pointing at him indiscreetly. As the bus wobbled from stop to stop, they continued to make gagging noises, claiming to be vomiting in their mouths out of distate, and talked loudly to one another saying, “I feel so sick. He is disgusting.” But the boy did nothing and kept his head down low, silent through their alternating laughter and supposed dry heaves.

“Here, let’s hold him down and spray this on him,” a cocky well-dressed young man smirked, as he pulled off his headphones, holding a can of deodorant spray from his bag. All three were laughing now, as the others on the bus looked away. My throat tightened.

Suddenly the velvet-pant woman dropped her purse, spilling its contents everywhere on the floor. As people around began to lean over to help, she stopped everyone, looked directly at the boy. “Excuse me, get away from here! You’re going to have to move. I DO NOT want my clothes touching you!” she barked, as she pushed him back to retrieve her things. Read more