Chocolati? Check

Chocolati in Wallingford
Jules and Taylor standing inside Chocolati in Wallingford

Last night, driven by impulse and the prospect of a decadent dessert, Jules, Taylor, and I went out to Chocolati in Wallingford. None of us had been before, but we had heard a lot about it, so this was our chance to check it out. Known for their infamous hot chocolates, we each decided to get one. I picked the classic “house” version, Taylor chose a raspberry-chocolate blend, and Jules went for the dark chocolate.

“Oh my God,” basically sums up what it’s like to have your first sip of a Chocolati hot chocolate. And well, every sip thereafter, really. All three cocoas were devastatingly good. Taylor’s raspberry-chocolate was my favorite, reminding me of Seattle Chocolate’s raspberry cream truffles. Jules’ drink (if you could call it that) was so thick we reasoned that if she let it cool, it would harden in her cup. “I think I can chew mine,” she said between gulps. We left dizzy, our throats lined with chocolate, and ready to crash. It was really somethin’ else.

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  1. my ex-girlfriend loved that place (she’s a chocolate lover) . speacking of chocolate drinks back in the day starbucks carried a really thick chocolate drink “Chantico” I think was it’s name. omg, that was good too!

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